Who has written language devised?

I think that was Grobgrok, a Neanderthal who painted all the adventures of the hunt for a cave tens of thousands of years ago, to be able to indicate later where it could be hunted in the future…:-)

Well, equally seriously: Top 10 oldest scriptures of all time-Alletop10lijstjes

We only know about the writings that all centuries have endured, and that is only little bar.Many writings were created as a form of hieroglyphs that were later measured stylized. For instance, the various drawings on the walls of caves were translated into syllables and you could combine several syllables so as to compose simple words.

We have some writings on clay tablets and in pyramids that are currently over 5,000 years old.We can tell you little more about that. The problem is that most writings are difficult to survive for many millennia. Papyrus, the old paper made from grass and other parts of the plant, is quite fast because it is organic material. Idem for parchment that is a tanned animal skin. The paint used in the caves also wants to fade over centuries and in addition, erosion and landslides can damage the cave itself. Plus, vandalism during all these millennia also ensures that many disappeared.

Clay tablets have been able to survive because they had the clay cured and then well preserved.Despite this, they are all damaged, broken and can also crumble clay over centuries and thus be destroyed. The walls in the pyramids are still best preserved with their hieroglyphs, but also here the tooth of time has done the necessary damage.

The problem is especially the “ink” that one used.So we know that the beautiful marble statues that the Romans had originally were painted in realistic colors. But the paint does not last long on marble and if they are not painted again and again they become white again over decades. But there are traces of paint found on ancient Roman statues…

Idem for the pyramids where one also used paint for part of the text.But in the dark and because this place was well isolated, these texts could still survive tremendously long. It also helped the Egyptians not only paint the walls but also carved the signs into the wall to make a relief in which one could paint. That relief has also survived for a long time.

But Clay was a hugely popular writing tool because it was “reusable”.One used to have just tablets of wet clay in which one could take notes and when you no longer needed it, the clay could be smoothed and thus used as a clean sheet. Or just use it to make a vase Of it… The writings in clay are therefore often recycled…

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