Who do you miss in your life?

Although I am now a grandmother, I continue to miss my parents.

Grandparents I have never known because of disappeared/murdered during WW-II.Yet they are a great gem in my life.

In recent years, funerals have turned out to follow each other at a terrifying pace.Some great cool colleagues, as old as myself or even younger.

I miss one of our best friends, such as Mr. who died in mysterious circumstances aboard a private jet towards Zimbabwe.And that other cream of a friend who did nothing more than bring gifts from his many travels. No place in our house or there is a reminder of B., from a handmade puppet from Prague in the bedroom to jars of spices and truffle oil in the kitchen.

B.Was a widower and after he moved from his beloved, familiar home to a residential care centre, the real estate broker had him sign a testament that became the sole heir. What his son naturally fights. Alas, B. (80 +) has behaved the last days of his life as a loving teenager and I give it to him, because material possession is only important for (some) living.

Whoever I miss, are all the dogs I have ever had.From our first Canis vulgaris to the Schnauzer about the cocker Spaniel and now especially the Westie that we have had to sleep in on Christmas Day. 15 + yet too fast.

I now have to think of the Flemish woman who put her own death notice in the newspaper.With the message that there would be no coffee table, because people during her life had had time to drink with her coffee.

A wise woman.Enjoy being together before you must miss each other…

A partner in the most diverse situations, incidentally not the same person but general.

Someone I can share the household with

Someone who gives my daughter just as much love, so I don’t always have to give

Someone to explore my brain spinsels with

Someone who gives me a Gregor under my butt or a little push in the back

Someone who supports me if I can’t keep up with it.

Someone to get drunk and dance until the sun shines again

Someone to visit cities with

Someone to do activities with

Someone who knows how to cook it nicely and nutritious

Someone to get together on the couch to unload after an intense day

Someone who can find answers to my questions.

Someone with whom I am so connected that we can communicate silently and feel exactly what the other needs.

And hell, it doesn’t even have to be the same person.Just someone around me..

That is such a tricky question.I can formulate it hard differently than: everything and nothing!

There are things I miss life, my little brother lives far away, I would love to have my own house, etc.But that is either workable or an unreasonable desire. I can take the plane and look it up, I can save more money and reduce my wishlist. So if I were to miss something or someone, I would have to do something else that is not now. That is not reasonable.

Then yes, what do I really miss now?I live, I work, I have my freedoms. More longing comes to me as pampering myself. I’ve worked hard for where I am now and that’s enough. If I want more, I just have to work harder again.

So yes, actually I’m quite satisfied with my life, and if not that’s just my own fault, I can hardly miss that!

There are friends and relatives that I see little because they live far away, but don’t miss them at all, you’re glad you see them again.

Who I really miss are my deceased grandparents and deceased friends and acquaintances.Every now and then memories come up again and then you really miss them.

My father’s physical lack is great.
He was sweet, uplifting, and he had a lot of humor.I would like to show him my house and my doggy. I would like to tell him that I graduated and now have a job. I would love to get a slap on my shoulder and a hug. Just stick here and be together…

However, the ‘ greater lack ‘ would not be gone if he were there again.

It is lonely without him, because I have no parents anymore.But because of the lack I sometimes forget that it was not perfect either. That I give him so wrong that there was love and that love still exists.

You are ultimately the most important person in your life.

What I am most wrong is that I am not always good for myself.I think (maybe like so many) negative about myself, I am uncertain and afraid to be let down by others. Who I miss most, that I might be myself… If I can be happy with who I am, can have confidence in the future and just be proud of the woman who is now…

Then there is someone I always with me and who can always be there for me.

A gentle, loving voice in my head that motivates and reassurances me.

I have lost some people in my life which I still miss.So my grandfather died when I was 13. We had a close relationship and I still miss him. But also my grandma’s who died later.

I have lost some of my friends for medical reasons.So I miss my buddy Philip from Brussels who died of muscular dystrophy a few years ago. He was my best friend and I would have liked to have suggested him my little daughter.

Also Diana from Sydney I still miss.She suddenly got cancer and died before I watched it. Her family didn’t know so much from distant friends and I had to invent via the Internet that she was already cremated. In the end, we still gave her a Viking funeral on the beach, with a true Vikings ship.

I am fortunate that many of my family and friends still live.In recent years, I have had some uncles because prostate cancer in my family seems to come a lot. I am also wrong, the family gatherings are becoming more and more skinnier.

My Grootoma, I was 9 when she died and she is the only reason why I can talk Portuguese.Speaking Portuguese is a way for me to commemorate her.

Also my great aunt, with her I have been learning to cook.I was 18 when she died. It was on January 4, two days before her birthday. Her present was already on a chair and I had to put it in her coffin.

Now that I look back at the question it had nothing to do with people who died.Ow Well, I’ve already written too much to remove it.

My earlier own a bit.Been too great:P

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