Which wild animals can be kept as pets? I want a wild animal.

If you are not able to delve into this yourself, I am disapproved to have uberhaubt a pet.Leave wild animals in the wild and visit a zoo or children’s farm if you want to see them up close.

Walking branches, lizards, Wurg snakes, spiders, fishes (yes, also a goldfish), mice, hamsters, rats, birds, and even the domestic cat is not fully domesticated.

‘ Wildness ‘ of an animal is a measure of how far we have bred animals and changed behaviour.We have bred dogs, cows, pigs, sheep and chickens. The rest not so.

If you are serious about your wish, this website is a good start:

licg.nl-Animals allowed as pets

Here you find links with all valid legislation.In addition, I recommend to make an appointment with the breeder, so that you can get information about the necessities. Also keep in mind that keeping an exotic animal can cost thousands of euros and the animal itself tens of thousands of euros. Such an animal is also not like an aquarium, where you once a day some flakes ingever. Most exotic animals are labor intensive, so if you think you don’t have time for it, I really recommend you do it.

The fact that you want a ‘ wild animal ‘ suggests to me that you haven’t thought about it very deeply, so I advise you to read as much as possible and ask for advice from connoisseurs.If you want to be accountable for a different life, you should also show that you can handle that responsibility.

Just take a cat, and don’t like everyone (her cat-his break and all the wilds out there “educate”) you will be amazed at how eager that beast plays with your hand, and how wild he can be.

Biting, mepping, scratching, more wild than most people can handle in terms of pain. Count on them to first get to know his/her strength and then the strength of your skin before you can play together without any extra toys without you being full of any vulnerable hours. (Nice game) This may take more than a year… you keep it full… then you have a blissful wild beast that is a tad dangerous, but can also be very sweet. A cat.


Before you start a pet, you should first talk to people who have the animal species themselves, investigate extensively what the maintenance costs and veterinary costs are and what facilities the animal needs to live comfortably.

There is a mega-contradiction In your question.

Like: I want a player as a loyal partner, I want to drink dry water, and I want to lick a hot ice cream.

A wild animal is not to keep as a pet and a pet is by definition not wild.
Keeping a wild animal as a pet is actually rather cruel: The Beast will be unhappy.

Wild as in untamed is simple: almost all beasts except mammals are at most a bit of part behavior to learn, but continue to follow their instinct and to be considered wild/untamed.The simpler, the wilder, according to this definition. Take one then a worm, or a Kakkerlak!
I myself have held and cultivated many amphibians and reptiles, beautiful and wild beasts, but not very engaging in dealing with you as a human being.

If you want a dangerous wild animal as part of your image (a large imposing snake, piranhas or a poisonous tarantulas), you might be better off talking to a psychologist.

If you really have fun in purely unsteered and natural behavior of a highly developed animal, without making the animal unhappy, then I agree with Dimitri’s answer: Take a cat.These have also been domesticated for thousands of years, but only very partially: they were mainly held to capture mice and rats, so because of their natural behavior. It is only inbred that they tolerate us people in their environment. But unlike home dogs who want to be serviceable, cats only use us for their own purpose. They know how to seduce people to pet them, feed them, let them out and let them back in.

When we lived in the woods, we had a cat who was around our house, stroking and drinking milk, but she did not enter, and she lived completely naturally.She caught all sorts of mice, rats and bunnies, searched for her own shelter, got her kittens, which she only took a while later to our house where we were allowed to pet them. A beautiful real mini-tiger, so only with an inbred tolerance to people, which makes it not cruel to keep them in or around the house:-).
I think that all cats that are not taken away early with their mother, but get a real cat education, without people interference, continue to behave as wild animal in principle.I think you can still find it on most farms.

Indeed a (peasant) cat.

A Savannahkat is forbidden in the Netherlands because it is a mixture of two beasts.

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