Which volcano would be catastrophic if it erupte today?

The Laacher See, not even 120km Away from the Netherlands.

Last eruption was 12900 years ago and has temporarily dammed the river Rhine.In addition, a lake stretched out into the Moselle; Which eventually broke through with huge flooding as a result.

The explosion was 250 times more powerful than that of Mount Saint Helens and was about as powerful as that of the Pinatubo in 1991 (VEI 6).

The sediments of the eruption can be found in Poland and Sweden and from central France to northern Italy.

It still rumbles there (last earthquake was two weeks ago) and gas bubbles out of the crater lake up.

An eruption can take place at any moment, however there are currently no indications for this.

A volcanic eruption is actually never really good for the immediate surroundings.

One is especially afraid of the Super volcano that is located in Yellowstone (Yellowstonecaldera-Wikipedia).

If it were to erupde today, it could throw the whole Earth into a new ice age.

This is because so many ashes during the eruption the atmosphere is blown in that the sunlight that the earth would reach is blocked and the average temperature on the earth would drastically decrease.

In addition, a large proportion of the plants will die because there is insufficient light for photosynthesis, which will lead to the fact that the animals will not have enough food in the end where we will of course have the consequences of people.

A somewhat narrow thought is that scientists predict that this volcano will erupting around 600,000 years.The last eruption was 640,000 years ago.

Yellow Stone National Park in America is a large volcano.Once in about 500.000 years it explodes. It’s been about 500.000 years since he explodes ID, so it’s going to happen again once.

There is a documentary about this volcano and if it explodes, it is disastrous for the whole world.Experts believe that 27 million people will die in the first week. Chicago will be beneath so many ashes that the Sears tower is totally covered.

The “Caldera” consists of a number of smaller volcanoes, which can also explode individually and that would be better, but, at a determined point the whole thing goes off. Very terrifying.

The Campi Flegrei, a caldera in Italy.Category Super Volcano. That is also one that we are going to notice very much when he erupshes.

Vesuvius.Close to Naples. Erupted during World War II.

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