Which video game (s) have you played a lot lately?

Do I want to reply?:)

Euro Truck Simulator.At my work it is crowded so I like to play a relaxed game. I love being on the go so this is ideal for me. Nice cruising with my steering wheel;)

I also played a ridiculous number of hours Satisfactory.
Build your own factory-it looks like Factorio but everything 3D. Really very addictive to build a good running process.

I usually play this together with my husband and we each have our own tasks. Delicious!

These two games I played most the last two weeks.

I’ve played even more like ARK and Elder Scrolls Online, but that wasn’t as long as these two games. In the summer I’m more the chill gamer. I really enjoy the game for relaxation (after that I’m going to hang out in the sun again). In the winter-then you have an excuse to be indoors, then I game much longer!

Something more like a year back I bought a game called Mount and Blade: Warband.I barely played the original version, because when I saw a mod (ification) I had to install it. And now I still play, and no other game.

Nova Aetas

Where the original game takes place in a fantasy world based on medieval Europe, this mod is based on the world around the Atlantic from the 15th to the 18th century.And there is quite a lot to look at.

You start as a simple citizen in the 15th century, after which you can determine your own life.I myself often go in search of a guild, where I go in the doctrine. After the masterpiece, you can then open your own store, but only in the city where the guild is active. After that I usually buy some houses to rent out. You can also build your own farm; Good for passive income.

But well, later in the game, it will become really interesting.So there is a new world that is completely undiscovered. Here you can create a colony yourself, and for example import silver or tobacco to 鈧?虄Europe. also here are the Aztecs where to be thought. In addition, you can become a citizen of a city, with all the consequences of it.

And it becomes even difficult when you own your own country.Then a world opens up for you. Everything needs to be thought of, from trade to defence to technology. You can implement laws that give you as monarch support in a population group. Abolishing the feudal system, banning other types of religion, setting up a people’s council, such things. However, you should not give the citizens too much freedom, because that bureaucracy is too big and corruption is out of hand. I usually go for a republic, where people act freely but the nobility retains some power.

Here still some foto s I could find from the Internet.

And this I have a map of 鈧?虄Europe. you have several countries, based on England, Venice, the ecclesiastical state, Russia, the Ottoman Empire, Byzantium, and the Italian city states.

It’s a really great game, and I recommend anyone interested in politics and history to try this game.

Costs ‘ 卢 20 euros, and the mod is free.

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