Which video game location has the most nostalgia for you?


Fairhaven is a fictional city in Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012, my favorite NFS game.I got the game when I received a PS3 for my birthday 6 years ago. Since I’ve played it for so long that I’ve unlocked all the cars and know about all the tricks in the game out there and know the folder as good as my head. Fairhaven is based on Pittsburgh and Boston. Fairhaven is divided into 9 regions:


Downtown is the center of the city located in the south.There is also a gigantic shopping centre.


McClane is located next to Downtown and one of the most famous areas of McClane is the construction site next to the highway.

The Beltway

The Beltway is one of the main roads that goes to Downtown.

A small part of the road is a highway that goes through residential and commercial areas.

Callahan Industrial

Callahan Industrial, together with Ripley’s Point, is the industrial area of Fairhaven.

In This area are mainly many department stores, containers, narrow streets and factories.

Ripley’s Point

Ripley’s Point is NT as at Callahan in the industrial area and is characterized by a nucleair central

Hughes Park

Hughes Park is the largest park in Fairhaven and is known for the great jumps you can make, the monuments, the cherry flower trees and the gigantic houses.

Hodges Airfield

Hodges Airfield is an abandoned airfield where there are a few hangars, a few aircraft wrecks and runways.

Interstate 92 (I92)

I92 is the largest highway that goes around the city.

The highway has 11 exits of which the 12th is unlocked when you buy the Terminal Velocity Pack DLC (It is and remains EA eh)

And then the last, Hughes International Airport.

Hughes International Airport is part of the Terminal Velocity Pack DLC and is linked with the 12th exit of the I92.

The airport has a parking garage and one runway, one of which is under construction.

Undoubtedly a place in Final Fantasy 7. I think Midgar, Junon or Nibelheim.

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