Which TV series is the best you’ve ever seen?

I find the following series very good:

The West Wing:

The West Wing The West Wingis an American television seriesproduced between 1999 and 2006.

It depicts the everyday life of a fictional US president and his advisory staff.

The series, created by Aaron Sorkin, first aired on NBC in 1999.Although The West Wing reached up to 17 million viewers in the United States and also claimed an above-average success at awards ceremonies, the series did not run on German-language free-TV.The pay-TV channel FOX broadcast the series in the German-speaking area for the first time in May 2008.The series has won an Emmy for Best Drama Series four times.In addition to The West Wing, only three other series have done so.The main and supporting actors have also won several Emmys.

Characteristic features of the series are the word-heavy and fast-spoken dialogues, which are typical of author and series creator Aaron Sorkin.These are often presented as part of the walk and talkdirection.In the camera technology established by Thomas Schlamme, the characters conduct their conversations as they walk through the corridors of the so-called West Wing.The West Wing is the wing of the White Housethat houses the Oval Office and the offices of the closest presidential advisers and their staff.(Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia )

Designated Survivor:

On the evening of the annualState of the Union Addressaddress to Congress in the Capitol, all the members present, the members of the Supreme Court, as well as the President and his Cabinet members, with the exception of the housing minister, the non-partisan architect Thomas Kirkman, died in an explosion.

Kirkman is a designated survivor ina safe place within a short distance of the Capitol.Since the explosion also affected the speaker of the House of Representatives and the Senate President pro tempore, Kirkman is immediately placed under the protection of the Secret Service as the last surviving cabinet member. White House and sworn in as the new president of the United States.Kirkman must henceforth deal with the repair of the political system in the United States and fight against domestic and external coup attempts. It also attempts to undermine his legitimacy because of the circumstances of his inauguration. (Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia )

Boston Legal:

Boston Legal is about the day-to-day work of the highly regarded Boston law firm Crane, Poole & Schmidt.

The series is an offshoot of the American-winning legal series Practice The Lawyers, which has consistently and controversially dealt with the ugly side of American criminal law.Boston Legal, on the other hand, deals with both civil and criminal law, and also focuses on the quirky characters.(Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia )

In this series, James Spader, as Alan Shore and William Shatner, is terrific than All others, as the somewhat snarled senior partner Denny Crane, who comes up with the idea of shooting a client.