Which statues are worth visiting in the Netherlands to visit?

I am more of an buildings person.Those images, I can’t do that much.
Have thought for a long time, this question has been around for a while, but with images I really don’t get any images;)

What I am really fan of, cemeteries!Okay if I write it down it says it’s a bit crazy. It may sound stupid but cemeteries are very pleasant to me because it is very poor. Rather wiedes you think then and yes indeed, that’s it too. For me as a stimulus-sensitive it feels like I’m in a different dimension. If there are already people, they are silent or talk to each other very gently.

The cemetery Near me is a monumental cemetery.There are still a lot of images, but a different kind than the questioner probably meant. I’ll be happy. It may sound weird, but that little piece is for me heaven on earth. I also like to think about life and death-there is no escape, I am keen to be thankful for what I have.

The hardest lap is the children.There I get a lump of it in my throat and secretly I always leave a tear there and I think to myself it is no guarantee at all that it all goes well. You should not just go out of there. That place is a nice place to remind me of that.

In Groningen There are two statues commemorating the war.

I find them both very beautiful.

Behind the Martini church is Sint-Joris and the Dragon (Groningen)-Wikipedia

I think it’s nice as Sint Joris has a whole lot of reports on it.

The other is the Jewish Monument (Groningen)-Wikipedia

Just plump some hands, just thick slices of clay.

You can see everything in it. Beautiful that one of the seven hands is missing because the sculptor died, before the work was finished.

Of course the images must be seen in real, the pictures give them only half again.

I find the dockworker in Amsterdam one of the most eloquent images I know.Impressive!

I assume that you do not want to travel throughout the Netherlands for visiting statues.I always think it’s nice to walk against a random statue and then read the story behind it.

Here I came across a nice click bite article that wildly answered your question: the 5 most impressive Statues of the Netherlands-public space

Great luck!

The Dutch culture is not so of the statues.In Hoorn there is a statue of Jan Pieterszoon Coen, which was once fallen by an uncautious crane driver, and immediately the discussion eruped whether it should be replaced.

I think it has been replaced, but with a mention of Coen’s ‘ heroic deeds ‘, which caused his reputation to be tainted.

Another interesting statue is that of Johan van Oldebarneveld, the disgraced council Pensionary, who is beheaded by Maurits.In The Hague.

In Alkmaar is a bust of Rudi Carell, but it is again on a small square, which makes it difficult to find.Many Alkmaarders will not even be able to tell you where it stands.

Piet Hein and JP Coen

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