Which sect was the most devastating? Why?

Is on it.Devastating for its own members, or devastating outwards? When you mean devastating for your own members, I nominate Jonestown. [1 a suicide cult where 909 people died, including 304 children.Devastating outward, I immediately think of the Sarin attack in the Tokyo Metro. [2 12 deaths, 50 severely injured, 1000 people lightly injured.

But how did you wish to measure devastation?Most cults claim no lives, but the devastation is in the form of economic, cultural and social capital. Cults tend to eat all the money that people possess for the benefit of the Organization (economically). Cults often claim a radical absolute truth, allowing people to distrust all their previous knowledge (culturally). And cults tend to claim the social life of people, so they get into isolation (social).

It is difficult to determine which cult is the most harmful, but it is then safe to choose the cult that is the greatest. In The Netherlands This is probably the Jehovah’s Witnesses.Globally, it could be Scientology. Scientology hardly recruits new people more in view of the negative publicity, and is a lot smaller if the cult itself claims, but Scientology seems to be an organization to apply more vicious tactics as Jehovah witnesses, so if your size and degree of damage Together, I would gamble that Scientology is the most devastating. [3

Next, you’ll still have questions about whether or not a cult is. Fall Multi-level marketing pyramids (MLMs), such as HerbaLife, Forever Living Products, and Rain LLC under cults? [4 They are not religious in nature, but the meetings feel evangelistic.MLMs also tend to wreak havoc on the three areas I just mentioned, and it can be quite difficult to get off the group when you enter D’r. If you want to Define MLMs as cult, then HerbaLife is probably (by size) The group that has caused the most damage, even more so as Scientology. [5


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When do you speak of a religion and when of a sect?

Historically, Christianity and Islam compete for the title 鈧?艙most devastating 鈧?and one could consider both sectarian divisions of Judaism.

‘, ‘ Would not know.The Tai’ping sect in China lusted a civil war in the 1800 + century which cost an estimated 10 million deaths.

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