Which rock band or

On LastFM You can search for similar bands and also listen to songs:

Similar Artists-Queen | Last.fm

You have to look very good, because in this list Elton John is also, and Electric Light Orchestra.These are not rock bands:)

But, good looking, good reading, good listening!

Have fun!!!

Maybe it’s easier for you if a Netflix documentary about a rock band already exists.Therefore, I say:

Mötley Crüe: Mötley Crüe-Wikipedia

That is reading, best friend.

In the most libraries, besides books, they also rent movies and music CDs or other music media.It is therefore logical that they also lend books about that music and its creators.

I’m assuming that most of your classmates run to the very same bib to borrow those books.Many artists have written The Beatles (and separate books on the members), The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, etc. It often depends on those who go about the purchases. Just go there for the others to have the shelves looted.

It is recommended to choose the shorter works.About The Beatles exist for example. Books from 1000 pages. You will also find a lot about uninteresting artists (Ozzy Ozbourne has BVB. Very little to tell). I can give you little advice from this because I have no view on the offer that you will find. What you find in books about a genre or an era is usually too short. Pay attention to what you find online: Your teacher may also have internet.

What’s also a possibility is to find inspiration in lists about rock bands or artists.This is a very good one and can put you on ideas:

The 100 Most popular rock bands of all time

It is clear that your teacher wants you to find rock that is between the rock of highly skilled musicians (Queen) and supposedly easier to play straight forward hard rock (AC/DC).

Do not interpret the term ‘ rock ‘ too narrowly.For me, Depeche Mode is also rock. You know your teacher better than I do, so you can be sure how strict he will be in his interpretation of what is exactly rock and what is not.

I don’t have to choose and can’t do that in your place either.Please note: Older music enthusiasts stop evolving at a certain age with all that is new. I myself have in 1991 a ticket that someone overtook for a small concert of Nirvana (when newcomers of which no one knew if it would ever be what would be) refused. Why? Because in the years 80 I was a fan of the many more and less well-known English groups of whom Nirvana had clearly picked up a lot (their advantage was that in the USA no man ever of BV. Celtic Frost had heard). I found them but a faint decoction of what I already knew long. Now I can knock on my own head with a hammer, but yes, such things are happening.

I will cheat and give you some tips: if you look closely at my list you will find that Metallica is the most popular heavy metal band. They are not!Look at the number of views: Guns ‘ n Roses have barely 2 (MSS 3 Records) and only 55 million views were received, while Metallica with their first (very good) plates and their later (often lousy) work totaled only 8 million more view. The reason? Guns ‘ n Roses could not weave beautiful melodies between their metal weaving and Metallica. And people love melodies now… Yes, you too!
I myself would (as an old man) put the best of Guns ‘ n Roses in between, the best of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, not much too long-wined Led Zep plates.For you, that is undoubtedly all OLE junk. What you have to listen to is the best of Stijn Meuris/North Cape/Monza that’s one in Nl. Quite unknown group around Stijn Meuris, but it has something weird and immersive. Or how about the beautiful rhyme: satellite Suzy/Every time I see you:-)

Let me know your choice via messages if you will.

Good luck!!!

There are lots of natural, so I’ll mention two: The Foo Fighters and Anti!; The first one is very famous, the second (yet).

Anti!WINS Jan Pasveer Concours 2019

Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Beatles,…

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