Which retro video game did you play for hours when you were still young?

I was born in 1980.Then I was the very first in my village who got a computer.

An Amstrad CPC6128.On this computer I played many video games like among others: Spitfire, F1 Racing, the Gauntlet… But I also programmed a few games. I don’t remember what but I really liked it.

My favorite game on the Amstrad was Sorcery.

I have finished it several times, and just by seeing this picture I can still hear the sound of the doors and the music of the game.

Here you can see it:

Later I got a NINTENDO NES and then that fat was cool.


I still play it, thanks to the Nintendo Classic Mini (I left the original with my ex), and I’m really super good with Super Mario 3. I know all the tricks and secrets and maybe I can even play it with my eyes closed.

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the NES was also nice, but it had a bug.

And by the bug I got mad, for hours searching for the solution.

I also finished a couple of times with Double Dragon II.

It was so 80s!

Round 42. I have spent incredibly many hours here and have been doing it for years to play it out.

Here is a video:)

What retro video game do I still play as a young grandpa?

SimCity, Cossacks (back to war).

Those are pretty retro anyway. Mid years 90 or so. In gameplay is still unsurpassed. The only reason I have another old Windows PC at home.

And Asteroids.Https://harbingerlabs.com/asteroids Always fun!

That’s almost 35 years ago, but for this game I even had a few days of play: Elite on the Commodore 64.

Now, of course, looks no longer, but the temptation to continue playing for an hour, so you could buy that better laser or docking computer.

In that game I spent hundreds of hours sitting there.

When I was a year or 8 (I was born in 1972) the first video games with cartridges appeared.We got a Philips Videopacat home.

That was a game console that came on the market at the same time with the Atari 2600, the Intellivision, the Colecovision and the Mattel Vectrex.

To make the thing look like a real computer, Philips has pasted a keyboard on it.

The Philips had the worst picture of all the consoles of that generation.

Blocky graphics, a horrible keyboard, huge ugly letters and controllers that went fast piece. But there was one game that was pretty good, and that was a shameless copy of Pacmac, called ‘ Happelaar ‘ or ‘Munchkin‘.

Soon the VIDEOPAC was exchanged for a Commodore 64.

Thereupon Boulderdash (hatted in 1984) was my absolute favorite.

A game where as a miner you had to quickly find your way through a level filled with falling boulders and monsters moving according to fixed patterns.

Later on, I went on to program the Commodore 64 gently in 6502 assembly, and then came a Commodore Amiga that I continued on-but that’s another story.

Back to 1984… On holiday in Ameland I saw the game Star Rider.

In This game you sit on a motorbike and drive through a Tron-like landscape. The special thing is that the background images of a laserdisc come off, which makes the image beautiful. I remember little else more of that holiday than the local arcade.

I also spent a lot of hours with Outrun, a racing game that came out in 1986, and whose arcade version had the most beautiful game graphics possible at the time.

And the fun is that these games are still playing fine in all sorts of ways, although nowadays both gameplay and graphics are very spoiled.

My favorite game was Doom.

Good bang.

‘, ‘ In the mid-80, I had a Commodore 64. I was totally addicted to the game Gunship.An AH-64 Apache helicopter ‘ simulation ‘. Complete with double control, keyboard with layover and joystick. Hours of missions, there was a real-time playing mode and only the learning curve… Now that I’m thinking about it, I’ll look at the game again. There will be some emulation to be found on the net.

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