Which politician cannot stand and why?

Tunahan Kuzu.A terribly boring dick that has stuck in his victim role. A deadly combination.

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Jesse Klaver-too populist and little content strong.
I disagree with Geert Wilders-Islam demonizing.
Thierry Baudet-How elobabently it seems.For me it is posturing. It is just as populist as clover
Wouter Bos: He was so uninteresting when I tried to arrange an interview with him and when I finally got to grips with him during the debate at the Erasmus University, we were put away as a bunch of inbenullen.Maybe he was right, but that the impression it left was.. Indelibly.

Special mention: Think

My opinion can of course change, and I hope the first three will do that trouble next years.

Jesse Klaver.

Cynicism is annoying, but wearable.Opportunism is annoying, but still very wearable. Populism is annoying, but also this is still wearable. Naive idealism is annoying, but still wearable. Poor acting is annoying, but in itself it is wearable.

However, a cynical opportunistic populist naive-idealistic C actor is, in its totality, for me, impossible to be tolerated.

Edit: Very stupid of me, but I forgot to mention his very irritating misplaced moral magnificence which is actually unwearable in itself.

Bart De Wever (NVA)

We have to make here with a Trump but then happy from the fallen farmer level that produces Belgium.

He wants to continue with an elite, namely only those who are mentally able to maintain a permanent job.He wants to bring down benefits, reduce sickness allowance. About almost every assistance that a society brings besides its citizens to work want to see.

He wants to split Flanders and Wallonia which only sows division, which he already does by, for example, invent a term like yoga snivers.People with unhealthy habits, for example, have left-wing and progressive ideals. Today that is innocent but tomorrow you have groups of fascists who are vising certain people.

Bart De Wever is one who sees himself on the same line with the offspring of Julius Caesar and Augustus.

We have a similar narcissistic fool here as Putin who makes a great medal of him and his deeds after conquering the Crimea.

And since Flanders consists mainly of short-sighted people who do not know much further than their training and their work is that piece of rot still in power too!

Jesse Klaver,

What he does has nothing more to do with driving the country.It has to do with souls winning so populist chatter. I just find it creepy to see and no longer want to put words on dirt. Bah

Most.Especially sit for self-interest and never even have the balls to really tackle.

Mitch Mcturtle and Drumpf.The baddest of the baddest.

Baudet and even more late Janmaat.A blemish on the academic degree. Luckily, Wilders only has havo.