Which marketing forms deliver the best return for a broker?

A strategy that you can use for brokers is advertise on Facebook in conjunction with a landing page software and short email follow-up.(Do not advertise to your own website or contact form).

With only this strategy (well worked out) you can quickly get started zoner that you should regularly write blogs for your SEO, post daily on social media (with often too little reach) and

Campage Options for Buyers

  • Single Listing
  • Multi Listing
  • Broker Central
  • Free Valuation House

Campange Options for Sellers

  • Free Valuation House
  • Broker Central
  • Chatbot

Facebook Content Options

  • Photo (s) or video of available location (s)
  • Or personal approach in which a broker is central

Landing page

  • Created with a landing page software (I used self Clickfunnels)
  • More explanations of what you offer
  • Request Information Via an integrated contact form
    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone
  • On the landinspage, do not forget the following
    • Photos of the broker or brokers themselves
    • Usps’S
    • Testimonials
    • Display phone number and email

Email Follow-up

  • Bestiging
  • More examples
  • Buying/Selling Tips
  • Testimonial
  • * Please note: Sending more emails than they have immediately specified does not always comply with the GDPR terms.


  • Automated system that sends new leads directly to a broker.

We have a smartphone app for this. But this can also be via the mail with a Zapier + gmail integration. The key factor is that contact is quickly absorbed.

EXTRA: Chatbot

  • Company or broker in the advertisement.

From there, start a chatbot conversation asking questions or buy/sell someone, in which time frame, location, email and phone number. This will let you automatically send it to a broker so that it can open contact. When it comes to getting website traffic for your brokerage there are many factors to consider, but if you want to see if you meet the digital age, here are some go-to questions to ask:

  • Does your company have its own website that ends with. com?
  • Does your website show all your belongings in a clear and easy way?
  • Does your website allow prospective buyers and sellers to contact you with little effort?
  • Is your website optimized for search engines?
  • Do you have online content or a blog that promotes your knowledge and business?
  • Are you tracking your customers with newsletters and social media?
  • Do you advertise your brokerage online?
  • Are you active on social media?
  • Is your website mobile friendly?

If you have not answered ‘ yes ‘ to at least half of these questions, you are doing a big deficit for yourself and your company.

Not all hope is lost though. There are many services that can help you get your business up to speed, but in the meantime here are some important things you can do today to put your broker firmly in the market: 15 Proven Tactics that turn your Facebook Marketing In A Lead generating Machine

In 2019 One marketing form with head and shoulders: Video ads on Facebook.

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