Which is the best hosting provider?

You can look at the best price/quality ratio.You can look at the experiences of others, or better use your own common sense and own experience. How the one has experienced the services differs from the other.

I would rather make a judgement of the experiences I have about how hosts present themselves to me and have dealt with me as a web developer, rather than looking at the experiences of others.

So I say, rather judge for yourself, do not wonder if what others say.Or as Warren Buffet says, “If someone says I’m wrong, I look back and look at the facts”.

When I was just starting out as a freelancer, I first sat at a web host in Zwolle who was very cheap.That was after a tip from a web developer in Groningen, whom I had met with a volunteer organization. This host was very cheap, but also of very poor quality with poor package and poor service. When I called this host about possibly upgrading the package, I found out that my knowledge was now better than the host itself. I have a gentleman on the line, for example, have to explain what a crontask is, also called Cronjob. I don’t know what Sir thought, but he’ll probably have heard something else. One thing I knew when though, his service sucks.

Through another web designer I also found out about another web host in North Holland that was very expensive and of reasonable quality, but just too expensive for that service.This designer only knew HTML and didn’t even know how to deal with an FTP client and opted for an expensive package because it supported uploading via the HTTP, something I didn’t need and therefore it was too expensive for me.

Through customers I got to know a web host in Enschede which initially seemed good quality for a good price, until I noticed that this database had problems that caused failures.The host had just too much to skimp on the software package.

By chance I got to know a web host in Almere through my sister who was slightly more expensive than the host in Zwolle but qualitatively many times better, in my opinion even better than the webhost in North Holland.I myself after studying their site and their offers decided that their price quality ratio was better and I then switched evenly. I’m still there after all these years and I like it very well.

So don’t think that more expensive automatically is better, don’t even think you can take the cheapest, because there are also disadvantages.Get rid of what you need.

What I notice is that when you have little experience, listening to the experiences of others you are not going to help find a good web host.The other often has even worse knowledge and experience than yourself. If you do not have the knowledge and experience yourself, you will also not be able to recognize which experiences are good and you will make a suboptimal choice in your web host.

The difficulty in ICT is that knowledge is unconscious and abstract. It is knowledge and experience that is barely transferable and divisible. If you don’t have that knowledge, you’ll also not know what a good web host is and you won’t find the best one for you.

The provider that provides the services for the price/quality ratio you are looking for.

It is just what your focus is in determining what is the best hosting provider for you.

First you have to determine what it is that you are looking for.

Looking for something for the lowest price ?Or are you going for quality ?

Is your business dependent on your website?Or does it not mind when the website is sometimes an hour out?

Do you have enough to share a server with other clients?Or do you need your own server or even your own infrastructure?

What kind of site do you have?Is it a site that relies on PHP, or is it plain html?

Need support when setting up your site or server?Or can you do it yourself?

These are all factors that weigh in the choice of a hosting provider.

Next, it’s important to delve into experiences of others with the hosting provider you’ve found.That gives you a picture of how others experience the services.

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