Which investment application is best to start with?

MetaTrader (MT4)

Now just find another broker.Pepperstone I use. It depends on what you want, so choose yourself.

Any application to track courses.If he can, it’s OK.

I think this is the wrong question. If you start somewhere, and no matter what that is, it is more important to know (i) what you want to do (so what is the desired outcome), and (ii) how its mechanisms work (to understand the consequences of the different actions) , then to know (iii) what the available tools are.

Applications are tools, a means that you can use to perform actions (Point II) in order to achieve the desired result (point I).As long as you cannot easily fathom what the consequences of those actions are or what you want to achieve, it also makes no sense to choose between medium A or B, because you have no idea how to determine which of the two is “better”.

The novice investor has little or no insight into the forms of investment that exist and their characteristics, to which they lead and how their risk should be assessed in relation to your specific investment goal.Or how these different forms Of investment can be combined to consolidate your specific goal as well and as evil as possible. And no piece of software will help you give answers to these basic questions.

I say: As a novice investor you have the most to a book that has answers to these questions.In addition, it is now my personal belief that a monkey with a crate of bananas can invest at least as well as an investment adviser, with respect for the investment adviser incidentally. But that’s just an opinion.

If you want to start as a “beginner” with investing, first ask yourself the following questions: That’s how you’re going to find out what kind of investor you are: Shorttime or longtime.

These answers indicate what kind of investments you need to invest your money.E.g., call put options, or binaries (shorttime), or equity funds that provide stable a over the longer term (longtime).

  1. How much time would you like to free up your investments per week?
  2. In addition, how much power does it want and can you start investing?
  3. What is your goal, within how many years do you want to reach your investment goal?
  4. When do you want to sell your investments?

In addition, if you want to make a start as an investor, you can do this together with a wealth investor.This is the easiest way to start, however, this will bring more costs, as an asset manager does not do this for free.

Just a small list:

In my opinion, you can start in three different ways.

  1. Start with a practice account like: PLUS500 IQoptions, to follow courses and to feel how it is. It can sometimes be quite overwhelming.
  2. Start with a small amount and invest in companies that you find interesting this increases your pleasure in investing.
  3. As mentioned earlier, take a wealth manager in your hands.

Conclusion: Start with free software to experience how it is. Start with a small amount, or turn on an asset manager, however only if you have a reasonable ability to invest.