Which human rights do you find most important? Why?

A good thing, but already ridiculous that we have to write down what someone needs privileges.Everyone should just treat everyone.

We should not even need them as intelligent thinking human race.

nIk find it difficult to determine which zgn.Human rights would be given priority over others. Everything depends on what position you are in or from what position you are looking at.

Not having to live in poverty, the right to maintain your own identity, culture, the right to education, unlimited free speech, a humane treatment when you are convicted of a prison sentence as a criminal.You would say at first sight that this is already a good list, but unfortunately these human rights are being trampled in our own countries with the regularity of the clock.

Unfortunately, poverty is growing systematically everywhere, and that is shocking.We are evolving firmly into the American model, and more and more people from the middle class are struggling to get around. Whoever is poor is becoming poorer.

Foreign-language newcomers must adapt to us.This theorem is utterly abstract and does not count for those who have money. The Jews in Antwerp are not adapting to us in any area. They go almost exclusively to their own shops and their own schools. No dog that says anything about it, but they have money. When Muslims do the same, 鈧?娄

According to the letter of the law, education in Belgium must be free and accessible to all.For elementary education, this is still somewhat, but from the secondary school, the stories of parents who are no longer able to pay accounts are becoming triestier.

Belgium is condemned every year by Europe for a scandalous and degrading treatment of prisoners.The number of suicides continues to increase. Beyond what is symbolic deeds and many promises, nothing happens.

The right to freedom of expression does not exist at all either.In Belgium (I suspect also in the Netherlands) it is forbidden to deny the Holocaust. At first sight a sensible idea, but I keep wondering if it is not better to steer idiots with arguments and evidence. The N-VA once launched the proposal to prohibit approving the crimes of IS. Same theorem: Get in conversation with them, but idiots make mouth dead, definitely don’t take anything out. When a politician launched the proposal a few years ago to ban the insulting of politicians, she was happily accompanied by a gentle hand to the exit of the political scene.

Belgium is always on its hind legs to put other countries in their place openly on human rights.The same countries are shamelessly executed after another weapon delivery. The argument that each country uses these economic deeds to talk well: 鈧?艙if we do not do it, another country is doing it 鈧?

Unnegotiable are all set human rights 脙 漏 脙 漏 n Whole.If it is not fulfilled, then you do not meet human rights as a country. There is no priority, no loose part, something you can take out or negotiate separately.

Just like a human being.The rights are one.

VVVV-rights: security, tolerance, peace and freedom.

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