Which gift or object has changed your life surprisingly positively? Why?

When I was 16 I got a fountain pen, a black Rotring 600 fountain pen with my name engraved there to be exact.At that time I was happy with the gift, but did not know well. At that time, much was written and I found writing with a fountain pen awkward, it was extra work. However, I have written a lot with that pen and, as far as I could, have had a lot of fun.

A few years ago, tired and somewhat overwhelmed by the general life, I started to keep a written diary, to be able to write down the impressions of the week and the day of me.This is how I started to appreciate the handwritten again. I’m going to write more. So I am, to be able to express myself better, write handwritten letters to my wife, with once again the same fountain pen. That fountain pen and the patience and fine actions that belong to it make me quieter. I think better about what I write. It requires a softer action as with a rollerball or ballpoint pen. Somehow it makes me prefer writing, softer, more elegant.

That fountain pen brings me a little rest in my life and makes me feel better at what is important.

Two British Shorthair cats that we got as a gift from my sister-in-law gave us a lot of fun.We had just emigrated from America back and we never had cats in the house. Not a week in Belgium and we were allowed to pick up two fluff in Bruges. A grey (Mika) who is still with us after 16 years and a blonde (Akita) who died last year. It is the most profound gift, I think in our lives.

A book I made myself gift for my 24th birthday:

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, by Robert Pirsig.

Da s tough cost.The first time I read it immediately changed the way I thought about things, but there’s so much in it that I got three copies pieced out. By now I have it as an ebook on my ereader, which has a considerably longer life span.

The way Pirsig unravels the Socratic subject/object duality has changed my way of thinking about what is good and what has not been well completed.

On a beautiful sunny Sunday just after the morning mass, my parents saunched together with my smaller brother and myself to the local library.My dad then donated 4 franc coins to be able to derive four books for 脙 漏 脙 漏 N week: Two for me 脙 漏 n two for my brother…

A whole new world full of evening adventures lay since then in the change…

Am still addicted to non-fiction… 脙 漏 N We are forty five years.

Thanks PA and MA, for that lifelong valuable gift!

“,” A friend who told me about meditation and Vipassana, a friend who allowed me to see my values, a friend who saw me and said you believe.And Marshall Rosenberg NVC. Most beautiful gifts and my wife for the wonderful children. (clich茅 may be but it is so)

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