Which fries do you think are the best fries? War? Sate? Belgian? …)?

We Belgians do not like it but fries are French.

There are two common theories


It would go back to 1680 to the Meuse Valley (region Namur/Dinant) at that time the Spanish Netherlands, but currently Belgium.

Poor villagers would bake small fish in fat, but because the river was frozen and they could not catch fish anymore, they used potatoes that cut them in a form of a fish and then baked in the fat.


A cookbook ‘ Le Moyne Des Essarts ‘ by Niolas Toussain from the year 1775 Mentions “quelques morceaux de pommes the Terre friteS.” or “some pieces of fried potato

Even though the story of Belgium is quite charming it is unfortunately not reliable.Fat was expensive at that time and it seems very far-fetched that the poor had it in abundance to bake fish. The fact that there is no reliable (written) source that can confirm the story makes us doubt further.

In other words, unfortunately, we have to give the French the benefit of the doubt and to call fries a French invention.

Although there is only one country in the world with a fries culture and that is Belgium, a little bit of chauvinism really does not hurt: the best fries can be found in Belgium, Q.E.D.

In terms of sauce you are doing what you want.

The Gustibus non est disputandum!

I’m just doing mayo myself.

Also Mayonnaise is probably a French invention.

Coincidentally, I once looked it up (see Kurt van den Broeck’s answer to Do you pronounce it “May-O-naise” or “Man-naise”?) and at that time Wikipedia was wrong on some points.(Apparently it has been adjusted in the meantime.)

In L’esprit des journaux franc虦ais et 茅trangers of March 1805 a certain M. Kotzebu毛 tells about his trip to Paris.He found all those crazy names but nothing ‘ chicken with mayonnaise ‘ and ‘ Epigram of lamb ‘

One of the first recipes of mayonnaise is in Le cuisinier imp茅rial.

But that’s a very odd recipe and seems rather like a kind of aspic.

The recipe of 1820 in Le cuisinier Royal is something that starts to resemble traditional mayonnaise.

I would like to remind the Dutch of the fact that there is no sugar or other sweetness in that recipe.

But everyone does of course what they want, from a country that manages to do peanut sauce on its fries, you can’t really expect them to listen to me.


Sate?! Mwohahaha;)

In The Netherlands I love fries with satay sauce (peanut sauce), which I find most delicious.But I also like P war, this is sat茅 sauce mixed with mayonnaise and bits of onion. Fries Special I also like delicious, this resembles fries war, so mayonnaise with pieces of onion and curry sauce.

In addition, I find the ‘ French ‘ fries of Mcdonald’s also tasty, the Burger King is even more flavorful, but the fries of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) I don’t find so tasty.

Patat with satay sauce and even skewers I find the most delicious.

I hope I have answered your question, thank me for having asked this question C茅line D茅camps (Quora user).

As having frites get to know in Belgium, ordinary hot Belgian fries made from freshly sliced potatoes, no freezer stuff, baked twice, with some salt, no other junk on it.

Of those yummy Flemish thick patatten.

Fries baked in ducks or goose fat!

Cooking with goose fat & duck Fat: 5 tips-Culy.nl

I love all the yummy fries!

And then don’t have those thin straws at the Mcdonald’s, because that fills my stomach for not even 5 min.

Thirty years of migraine leave his traces. The migraine has suddenly disappeared, the diet that I followed did not.I may eat Belgian fries 2 times a year. Reason fat content. Real reason: Few things are more treurious than just for yourself frying fries.
Why are Belgian fries the best in the world?Because a friturist, who knows his profession, bakes them with the RIGHT potatoes and does that in animal fat (brand: Ossewit).
Elsewhere, they use any potatoes that are stripped of their peel in a chemical bath, vegetable fat and sauces with flavour enhancer SUGAR!
With pain in my heart, however, I have to conclude that more and more Belgian frying is switching to French sun-flowering oil, DUTCH finely ground grey organ waste camouflaged with red pepper and the cheapest potatoes.The drinks contain 3/4 ice cream and the sauces are kilos of sugar.

I recommend eating only fries at a bleu fried steak with pepper sauce.

I have always heard so that the Belgian fries are famous.Here in the north there is a crane when there is a market selling Belgian fries. And long years.

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