Which film has had the greatest impact on you?

“Carpe Diem!Seize the day, boys. Make Your lives extraordinary! “

Great quote.

I have seen the film just as often until I understood exactly what John Keating meant.

My parents were also very happy with it.

Finally no computer games, or superficial action movies,

But a movie with an idea.

A few days later my parents had already regretted this.

A few days later I was at the dean, without having consulted with my parents.

I was destined to start studying economics.

Safe choice, found my parents.

And I then?I wondered myself, entirely in the spirit of Whitman.

No, it became the ALO, Academy of Physical Education.

Sports was my lust and life.I chose myself.

A few months later admission exam done and adopted.

However, the film also inspired me to give the love a chance when I met a beautiful Parisienne,

And I ended up in college again for a study economy,

This time in Paris.

Dead Poets Society

The film has had a considerable impact on my life.

Without the movie,

Without being inspired by John Keating,

by Walt Whitman,

My life might have walked differently.

The Shawshank Redemption.

Starring Andy (actor Tim Robbins) is such an incredibly cool guy in this fim.What I find most beautiful is that he could stay super calm in harsh conditions. Inspiring to myself. Andy continued to think calmly and did not join the stream at all and did not accept his fate in a relaxed manner; should remain in jail. He was also clever. Good morning say, how he managed to obtain the beer for the men and how he locked himself up at a guard’s office to turn beautiful classical music for the prisoners standing in the square. You saw them dwell with admiration, listening to something like that. Meanwhile still earning money for his plans for that beautiful dream spot. And don’t forget the escape plan itself, which of course I can’t give away here. Oh Yeah, without Morgan Freeman This film was definitely not complete. Goosebumps.

In the sense that I was inspired by doing something?Then I come to the 1971 film “Le Mans” with superstar Steve McQueen in the lead role. “Le Mans”-not surprisingly-about the world’s most famous long-distance autorace: “Les 24 Heures du Mans” in the French provincial town of Le Mans, about 200 km southwest of Paris. The film made it a real impression that coute que Coute also wanted to take a close look at the 24 hours of Le Mans as soon as possible. Because of all sorts of circumstances, this had quite a few feet in the Earth, so the corridor to Le Mans was delayed again and again. Only in 1984 it came a little. It was heaven 鈧?娄:-). Fantastic! Superb! That race and that race atmosphere all around, the incredibly fun humor of the countless English racing fans (40% of the visitors are English!), it was one of the most delicious weekends ever. After that we have definitely been there 25 times.

Soldier of Orange is with me on a solid first place.That is a film that has made the most impression with me. A Dutch film from 1977.

Second place is once upon a time in America.Not yet 40 years old but still. (1984) I qoute a little bit from the Wikipedia page of this:

a Italian American crime film from 1984 by Sergio Leone.The film is about a friendship between two Jewish gangsters, played by Robert De Niro and James Woods, who grow up in New York.It is an epic film that takes place in 3 periods: The 20s, the 30s and 60 of the 20th century.A group of friends is shown here respectively as a child, young adults and the elderly.

And as TV series the green Empress.In This series it is George Virdon whose fate is to serve as a kind of catalyst from the group of friends around him.

The symbol of the group is 鈧?虄The Green Keizerin an imposing Packard Super 8, successively holding the five male members of the group.The cabriolet is the backdrop for their love affairs, rivalries, disasters; shared by the women they conquer or lose, the rebellious children who raise the ZJ, their quarrels and reconciliation, loyalty and betrayal.

The Green Empress is a pervasive and sensitive portrait of a generation in war and peace.Warm and honest It is an immersive novel about the secrets of growing up… and grow it apart.

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