Which Dutch word do you hate?

Cheese was previously cut with blunt uncarved knives.

This changed to 1925.

There came an ingenious, sophisticated instrument to cut thin slices of cheese.

Elegance at the top.

We called it:

Cheese slicer”

  • Just hard ugly tones
  • Your mouth makes crazy shapes
  • My Chinese wife still can’t pronounce it after 16 years

In France A special kind of cheese is cut with a “Girole”.


I’ll get it too,

“Cheese slicer” says exactly what it is and what it is used for.

Yet had a beautiful word,

With softer sounds,

Better fit with this sophisticated instrument.

Two words I really hate about are fibroid and kraplap.That first is a thickening in the muscle wall of the uterus, but it sounds so dirty!

A kraplap is an old-fashioned garment to hide the décolleté of a woman, it also doesn’t look so hip:

Furthermore, you have of these words, you know, evaluation form, socialize, dubbed.

They are Dutch words, but they do not sound like Dutch. I don’t hate it, but I don’t like them as well.

But Fibroid and Kraplap, well, I wouldn’t miss it if they would disappear tomorrow.

Power woman.

Suddenly it is no longer enough to be just a woman.No, if you are a Power woman, you really do count as a woman. Because a Power woman is…

I dunno.

I really have no idea what a Power woman is, but I’m getting thrown into it.Interviews with so-called Power women, Power Woman Awards, training to become a true Power woman, women who suddenly call each other Power woman…

What is a Power woman actually?It seems that a power woman is a woman with a plus behind it.So much more than just woman. Because a Power woman is ambitious, makes a career and a late hearing of himself. A woman who has been put into her strength. Blegh, again such a terrible term.

No idea what it is, because even the internet says: “The term power woman differs per person.”
Good story, nice short too.

Why do only women have such an extra term and men?Powerman.
Oh No, wait I think I know what the problem is with this word #seksisme

I don’t hate Dutch words.

What I hate is all those unnecessary English words that are increasingly being used.

That we call a computer a computer and no calculator or Bitjes mill is fine, but why is there nothing more on the offer or sale?Everything is presence ‘ Sale ‘.

This collage is from photos in Haarlem a few years ago.What’s wrong with shoes, fashion, brands, sunglasses….?


I learn Dutch (with less success that I wanted) since 1994 but still, I can’t pronounce onions well.

Scheveningen, you can. Hottentotten exhibition is a long word, but I can also pronounce that after a long Friday night without problem. Kinderkarnavaalsoptothe Pre-employment, I once also really useing (I was in a student meeting in February speaking about the Karnavaal for children, and a friend of Tilburg called me on my mobile…), but onions, every second time, I can not Speak in a sandable way.

I think this is still a lifelong problem.

C’est la vie!(Without Omlette du fromage.)

A word I hate is policy.In my view, the word is used too unjust. How often do I hear people not saying “well, this decision is not, but it is the policy”.

With this, the word policy is the ultimate way to impose something on people, without the risk
A) \tthat people feel personally disadvantaged
b) \tthat people are calling for reasons, to be allowed to do something.

It’s not a word but a name.I cycle daily in Utrecht about the Graadt van Roggenweg. This name contains an accumulation of sounds that makes Dutch sound unpleasant for foreigners. He is also a bit too ‘ gortig ‘ (yet so one).

Boreaal.For those who want to read more about what this word really means see: Boraal (political term)-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Just as hateful as race and living space.

Cancer-certainly if used as adjective

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