Which Dutch should you follow on Quora?

For me, that’s the first thing Laura Hurt, Quora user, because they both have a lot of life experience and write about it openly.They write fine and clear, and with many answers from them I still stand still. Full Disclosure: I thought I had already followed CĂ©line, but that didn’t turn out to be so. I have just corrected this answer while writing this reply.

Quora user, always has interesting answers, as well as Frans van Oostveen; His answer to my question what the most beautiful Dutch words are I found really beautiful, for such a mastery of language I went to the Dutch Quora.

Jos neighbor.Sometimes a profile picture already does a lot, if I see a reply from Mr. Neighbor, I soon imagine a friendly Labrador puppy who comes to the coffee and answers all your questions.Makes it ten times more enjoyable.

Quora user writes good answers about psychological well-being, and gardening.Recommended. R.Soul writes thoughtful answers, which often also testify to humor.

Of P.Van Acker I particularly like the answers about nature, which I am also interested in, insects are enormously fascinating.European flora and fauna, which is also really something for which I will use the Dutch Quora earlier if I have any questions, so it is good to follow someone who knows about it.

Quora user was one of the first people I followed on the English Quora.He is one of my favorite writers on this site… Unfortunately not so much on the Dutch Quora, maybe it is still. But for people who are also active on the English, a must.

I am not yet familiar with the Dutch-speaking Quora, so at this moment I leave it:)

Do know that I have other interests than most people, which makes some things that I find interesting again; You really can find weird.Etc.

@Imme Roerdinkholder Just some love to this person.A time ago, Imme found my post and since then we almost continually upvote each other’s messages when we see a good one. Imme’s messages myself I find very well worded (opposite my mess right out of me head.) and the information is certainly often useful. Always nice to see Imme passing by.

@Iris Van Laar because we all have answers in the topic ‘ Autism ‘ I soon saw her come over, I find it very nice when I see her come over because she is a totally different person than me, and already knows about medical things!Her answers are also often nuanced, a bundle of information and top to read. (:

@Quora user Jan can certainly give good answers to the topics we are all writing about.He also makes it clear and with not too much information (which can also come by his son with autism if I may argue so) it is always pleasant to read.

This is a bit what I have now!

(My English list is many times longer.)

You should not follow anyone.Q is not exactly a social medium. Certainly in the Netherlands it is still very new. But if you have a certain interest, you will notice that the writer on that topic is yours and which is appreciated by other readers of that same subject.

Usually, such a person is well worth following.


No sorry.Quora is, if you mean, certainly not a place where celebrities have an account. If they already have it, then probably not with their own name. Furthermore, I know no one I can really recommend you to follow on Quora, of which I am aware that the person is Dutch.

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