Nevertheless, India is expected to overtake China in population in about 15 years and become the most populous country in the world with about 1.5 billion people.

Just so, what was the population in 2014?

In early 2014, the world population was estimated at 7.2 billion, with about 82 million additions each year, and the least developed countries accounting for about a quarter of that growth.

You know, too What are the 20 countries with the largest population? Country Comparison>Population>TOP 20

Rank Country Population
1 China 1.384.689.024
2 India 1.296. 834.048
3 United States 329.256.480
4 Indonesia 262.787.408

Also, which country has the largest population?


What are the 10 most populous countries?

The 10 most populous countries in the world. are China, India, the United States, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia and Mexico. Expected pop.

How many countries are there in the world?

195 countries

Is the UK overpopulated?

First that of ” overcrowding”. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), England has an average of 413 inhabitants per square kilometre. So both the UK and England alone are among the most densely populated countries in Europe, but not among the most densely populated.

Why is China so overpopulated?

Overpopulation in China began after World War II in 1949 when Chinese families were encouraged to have as many children as possible in hopes of bringing more money into the country, building a better army, and producing more food.

How many people die each day?

Of the approximately 150,000 people who die each day worldwide, about two-thirds – 100,000 per day – die from age-related causes.

What was that World Population in 1776?

In homage to America’s birthday, I decided to take a look back at population numbers since 1776. While a census of the nation was not completed until 1790, the U.S. According to the Census Bureau, in 1776 there were approximately 2.5 million people in the original 13 states of the United States.

What was the world population in 1900?

World population growth

year population
1850 1.2 billion
1900 1.6 billion
1927 2 billion
1950 2.55 billion

What was the world population in 1700 ?

Population Estimates: Year 1 to 2050 AD

Year Lower Estimate Upper Estimate
1500 AD 425 540
1600 AD 545 579
1700 AD 600 679
1800 AD 813 1.125

Which country is the richest?


How many Chinese are there in the world?

As of November 2019, the population of China was 1.435 billion, the largest of any country in the world. According to the 2010 census, 91.51% of the population were Han Chinese and 8.49% were minorities. China‘s population growth rate is only 0.59%, ranking 159th in the world.

What percentage of the world is white?

Census and social definitions in different regions

total population
850,000,000 + 11.5% of total world population (world population of 7, 5 billion). (not counting partial European ancestry)
Regions with significant populations
United States 234.370.202
Russia 111.016.896

What is the poorest country in the world?

Poorest countries in the world 2020

  • Burundi (GNI per capita: $770)
  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo ( GNI per capita: $870)
  • Niger (GNI per capita: $990)
  • Malawi (GNI per capita: $1,180)
  • Mozambique (GNI per capita: $1,200). )
  • Sierra Leone (GNI per capita: $1,480)
  • Madagascar (GNI per capita: $1,510)
  • Comoros (GNI per capita: $1,570)

What was the population 50 years ago?

The world population has increased from 1 billion in 1800 to 7.7 billion today. The growth rate of world population fell from 2.2% per year 50 years ago to 1.05% per year.

In which country do most Muslims live?


What was the world population in 2020?

The world population, which is about 5.5 billion people today, could reach the 12 billion mark by the end of the next century approach. By 2020, 26 years from now, it will most likely have grown by about 2.5 billion to a total of 8 billion people, an increase of nearly 100 million per year.

Where will the population live? 2050?

The world‘s population is expected to increase by 2 billion people over the next 30 years, from the current 7.7 billion to 9.7 billion in 2050, according to a new United Nations report released today.

What race is the majority in the world?

The world‘s largest ethnic group is the Han Chinese, with Mandarin being the world‘s most widely spoken language in terms of native speakers.

Is China bigger than India?

By 2016, China had a population of more than 1.4 billion. But China will soon be overtaken by India. In the chart below, we see historical and projected population figures by country, spanning from 1800 to 2100.