Which city in the Netherlands do you think is most beautiful and why?

Dordrecht is a truly forgotten jewel!A beautiful old town with many well preserved historical buildings.

What makes my idea so beautiful is that it still seems to have remained so authentic.In the sense that it is not (yet) really discovered by tourism and that the city is not completely polished and wiped, which you see much more in Amsterdam and Leiden. This allows you to stay in Dordrecht in older times. It is very quiet, few people on the street, not stuffed with all the big chain stores that you see in every inner city in the Netherlands. There is still a place for the small entrepreneurs, there is still a little payed and a window dusty. Personally I love it.

The city also has something Venetian somewhere with the houses right on the water.

In addition, it is also beautiful in a place where three large rivers meet, including the Oude Maas.The crowds preserved rivers of Europe (inland navigation Rotterdam towards the hinterland and Germany a.o.).

I am not allowed to talk here as a Brugman, but Bolsward I find a very beautiful city.

It is certainly a city with city rights, and yes with just over 10,000 inhabitants also statistically seen a city and no perhaps not so big and known as that village behind the dunes and yes her Martini church may be less known.

It may not have such a busy nightlife as Groningen (it’s not a university city, never been) but terraces are there.

It also has a very nice town hall.

Really a gem (well needed to renovate), is even appreciated by Italian tourists, that is to say what.

Very typical and nice museums has it as well.

And why?

But what is so beautiful about it?

Maybe so beautiful because it remained small, but not too small.

Bolsward is a real typical Dutch city.

It has canals, which are often not muted, typical city churches and buildings, few city breakthroughs, no ribbon construction and no connected village centres.

It is truly an extraordinarily well-preserved city between the countryside and it also looks like a city, but also feels like a city, without experiencing too many disadvantages of a city. Then I don’t aim for a few hundred meters of canals what looks good, as in Dordrecht, no the rest of the city looks like a Dutch city agrees and also outside the canals beautiful.

It’s not too crowded with traffic, it’s pretty living.It has homes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and age (really well-built, but at the core), not too expensive. It has everything that a true Dutch city should have, such as a HEMA (still) and many shops of all sorts, so not filled with only florists, artists and jewelers. The vacancy is low compared to other cities, which makes it not an extinct mess and is still lively and briskly compared to many other cities.

The beautiful on Bolsward is perhaps also the inhabitants, a real society of all sorts of family like you see in the whole of the Netherlands.Just as neutral as Hutspot, OER and Oer Dutch.

I have been to many other cities and I have lived in some of them, such as Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Utrecht, Arnhem, Groningen, Sneek, Franeker, Leeuwarden, Harlingen, Dokkum et cetera, et cetera.Groningen may have a nice and busy nightlife but it is not a beautiful city and certainly not to live in. Sneek has too many city break-throughs. The staff were very nice and very clean. Leeuwarden It has never been what and it will never be anything with offices and vacancy. Franeker There you go only if you are mad. Harlingen failed Rotterdam in small. Amsterdam Platran by tourists. Rotterdam is great but has an art heart. Arnhem the same. Haarlem try to park. Utrecht the center is evening but a cold intention. I can still go on. I think not only the most beautiful city in the Netherlands, but also of the eleven Frisian cities.

If I had to pick one, then do Bolsward.But the most beautiful.

Groningen, maybe because I come from the region, but I really like Groningen a super beautiful city.

First, they still have the beautiful old station from the 19th century:

If you walk through the arrivals hall of this station, the welcome is complete.

Then a nice plaza where you can sit in the warm summer sun, looking at the Art Nouveau buildings on the other side of the canal. Behind the wide, green avenues with the 19th century mansions on either side:

Then the center, with its countless historical buildings.

Yes, just a really nice city.

Amsterdam has already been mentioned.

The center of Haarlem I find very charming.

Leiden is also wonderful.

Utrecht 鈧?娄 The city itself I find beautiful, the atmosphere unfortunately I find woman unfriendly.

For a long time I thought Utrecht to be the most beautiful, but when I walk through Amersfoort I doubt. As far as I am concerned, Leiden and Maastricht are also among the top cities, as well as the rightly acclaimed Amsterdam.Now you have the cities in the Netherlands in a row where I prefer to be entertained.

Rotterdam is a city you should have seen.

The city that was completely bombed during the Second World War was resurrected from its own ashes. This inspired many of the many unique ideas of the architects and then there were many modern and bizarre architectures in Rotterdam.

Rotterdam is also an important centre for art and culture.And Rotterdam is even in the fifth place of cities you should visit in 2016 according to the Lonely Planet.

Amsterdam, if you think the tourists away.

Bronkhorst and Sint Anna Ter Muiden. 鈧?虄s smallest cities.

The Hague, because it did not have city rights.

As a domestic tourist: Deventer.

Oh well, there are so many cities the most beautiful.

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