Which celebrity do you feel super attracted to?

Mickey Rourke in his early years:


And this beautiful lady:

Every episode of Madam Secretary a delight Hihihihihi.

I am naturally more seduced by a spirit than by a physical attraction, but there are a few celebrities that I find very attractive….

My number 1 is Tom Hardy, especially when he was younger and looked like what we would call “Un jeune Chien fou” in French.

Now he is a little bit older, but still suuuuper attractive:

But he is the exception to the rule.

I love men who are classy, intellectually, slightly older than me, and generally charming. Gentlemen.

Colin Firth

Hugh Grant

Benedict Cumberbatch

In terms of women, I have long been fond of Gina Gershon, especially in the film Bound:

And Cynthia Erivo is also totally my type of wife:

In my opinion they are the real beauties of today.

Jennifer Morrison

Unfortunately doctor are not sitting in front of me.

Heidi Reed

Oh well she finally marries wrong guys.

Real Love was not there.

Mary Wallace

Some men also get all women.

Three women is too much, one beauty like her is also enough.

Priyanka Chopra

Unfortunately I can not sing as well.

Chen Hao

And I am not rich either.

In My younger years I found this also handsome women.

David Dave

Tout tout.

The Rhine

I would have liked her as a roommate in my student time.

Actually no one.

In My adolescence It was up to Agneta of Abba and Linda van Dijck.

I am not a very sexual person, but I am from a scientific point of view interested in attraction and appearance.I am doing a lot of research and training myself as a hobby. Personally, I am most attracted to women with semitoid (Middle East) and mixed phenotypes. Mainly Turkish, because Turkish is a mixed breed with semitoid processed therein. Here comes my top 5 of what I can think of.

5.Litzy Dominguez

What I like about this woman, a classic Latina mix, is the warmth she exudes.


Emilia Attias

I’m not so of blond, but this is an exception.

Her 鈧?艙girl next door 鈧?vibe gives me a very cute natural-feeling, and her high facial aesthetics lifts her to a top level. She also changes her colour.


Hazal Filiz Ku莽ukkse

A textbook example of Turkish beauty.

Despite the clear mixing with semitoid and white peoples, there is still a touch of the Asian ancestors of Turkish people recognizable. And that precise touch, in that quantity, creates a beautiful face.


Priyanka Chopra

Legit most Beautiful South Asian person I have ever seen (on myself after, of course;). How there are still people who have it legit about Deepika Padukone or Drashti Dhami or so have it go above the cap.

Remember that she is not an actress who, thanks to her fame, is considered to be one of the most handsome women in the world; Her fame comes from winning the Miss world election in 2000, and then she started as a bollywoodstar.

As you may have noticed, the numbers 4, 3 and 2 are essential just the same trait that makes them attractive: meeting the general Western feminist beauty model: they are each women at the highest level of the basal Beauty ideal, each of a different breed (resp.

White, Turkish and South Asian).

However, because so many people try to meet the typical beauty ideal, it becomes also partly subjective how attractive someone is. There will never be a consensus about the most attractive man or woman, not even within a certain group of similar extremes (e.g.: “White and blond 鈧?or 鈧?艙chinese women with high cheekbone deren 鈧?.No person will ever get a majority behind that will find him/her the most handsome person in the world.

In order to bind at least some people to you, it is also useful to have a very distinguished appearance in addition to a beautiful appearance.A distinct appearance that is still at the top of objective aesthetic values will ensure that you are remembered better and more people will find you especially beautiful.

My number 1 is therefore not a stereotype.My number 1 is distinguishable, and is the perfect integration of feminist beauty with strength and independence.


Or say but rather Cemre Melis Queenar

But what makes her face so distinguishable?

Firstly, its racial mixture as Turkish.

and Semitone characteristics are both well and clearly visible.

This also makes for that 鈧?艙perfect integration 鈧?which I was about; The Semito脙 (Middle Eastern) skin and hair color and bones structure are very aesthetically pleasing and exude a kind of superior feminist warmth. The (East Asian) genes provide somewhat sharper and more precise facial features and hair, which in moderate proportion by blending with another breed ensures a powerful, strong appearance.

But there is more that makes her look distinctive.

Her eyes are big, like puppy eyes, but radiate a very mature look, a special combination.

Her proportions are also noteworthy: she has a relatively long face, but it fits exactly and ensures a distinctive beautiful appearance rather than making the hair less beautiful.

As dessert she has beautiful cheekbones, which radiate strength.Look anyway:

And that’s why Cemre Melis 脙 -脛 卤 nar is the number 1 of the world.

My personal preference for strength in (the appearance of) women, but well to argue from attraction.

EDITING: Forgot to say, another significant thing to CMC, is its unusually well-shaped nose.

Most people have noses that make their less attractive cricket or nothing and hers is ideal.

Jennifer lawrence 鈧?娄 why.. Outside that it is a beautiful woman.. Her humor.. Who now doesn’t like a woman with a good sense of humor

Attracted in what sense?

Intellectual: Richard Feynman (regrettable that man is dead)
Spiritual: The Dalai Lama
Sexually: Kate Beckinsale

And that still rhymes too.

Meg Ryan

My girl crush is Eva Green.

She has so鈩?n beautiful eyes.

Of the men I am going to do:

James Purefoy.

Jason Momoa (though I suspect I would find him very tiring)

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