Which books do you recommend for an 18 year old?


I started reading on average 2 to 3 books per week when I was 12.It saved my life and taught me so much.

Do not offer one book, but an e-reader, a subscription, a library card, a random book per month or per week, a book club membership.

Am I exaggerating?Probably.

Books are good.That’s why I have one rule in my house for my Children:

If they ask me in the shop if I can buy a book for them, I will say yes.

Tsja, too many to mention.But when I was 18, I really enjoyed the discovery of Harry Mulisch’s Sky and Salman Rushdie’s Devils Versen .Furthermore I found In the name of the rose of Umberto Eco very nice (his other work too, but that is a bit ‘ for the enthusiast ‘).

In retrospect, I notice that glues/the leg of Elsschot has made a lot of impression.Especially when identifying shadowy practices in the business world.

What I also find a beautiful book, is 40 rules of Love by Elif Shafak.

Further: read above all not too superficial books.That’s a bit of a waste of your time. And as far as I am concerned: thrillers and Action Stories (King, Clancy, etcetera), often do it better as a film than as a book.

An 18-year-old, if there are no reading problems, I would read adult novels.And then you look at what the reader’s interests are, so you can already determine which genres fit. Then search the web for titles.

I recently read a very good book, in my opinion, which is about between AD and adult novels:

This book is about a girl who together teaches her community to deal with the fact that the earth turns a little quieter every day.

What kind of books, what genre.

Go to the Bieb, borrow some and see what you like. There is no book that tells you the secret of life, but you can find out what you like and what appeals to your imagination.

Exactly the same as that, which I would recommend an adult:
-Biographies (e.g. singers, bands, writers)
-Mein Kampf (A. Hitler)
-I, Jan Cremer 1 & 2
-The Gangreen cycle (Jef Geeraerts)
-‘ I am just a Negro ‘ and ‘ The Story of Matsombo ‘ (Jef Geeraerts)
-Simenon: Maigretreeks, psychological novels
Verz.Work by Guy de Maupassant
-‘ Debt ‘ and ‘ crimes ‘ (F. von Schirach)
-‘ Are you experienced? ‘ (William Sutcliffe)
-‘ Is this a human being? ‘ (Primo Levi)
-‘ The Firm ‘ (John Grisham)
-‘ The Godfather ‘ (Mario Puzo)
-‘ Decamerone ‘ (Boccaccio)-Best not in verse
-‘ The indictment ‘ (Scott Turow)
-‘ Absolute Power ‘ (David Baldacci)-also in Nl.
-‘ Great quotes book ‘ (Gerd De Ley)
-Novels and short stories (Raymond Chandler)-Detective
-Detective Stories (Ross McDonald)
-‘ Deadly Dilemma ‘ (Stephen King)
-‘ The Inner Circle ‘ (TC Boyle)-also in Nl.
-e.g. collected work or the best of Simon Carmiggelt
-‘ The Belgian Labyrinth ‘ (Geert Van Istendael)
-‘ The Last Lie ‘ (Robert Beijer)
-‘ Pure class ‘ (Tom Wolfe)
-‘ Letter to King Boudewijn ‘ (Walter Van den Broeck)


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