Which Belgian TV series Do you recommend to watch?

Own cultivation (Netflix, VrtNu)
Beau Séjour Netflix
Bevergem Netflix
Code 37 Netflix
The Knight Netflix
Over Water (VrtNu)
Please See me (VrtNu)

Own cultivation: This series is just hilarious good.She is about how a potato grower from the West-Flemish Wijtschate and his family are caught in the cannabis culture. More about this hilarious series you can read here: Https://www.een.be/eigen-kweek

Furthermore, the day is highly recommended.
The latest episodes are on VT4 tonight.This series is really exciting and definitely worth it. Here you can find more about the day and also watch the episodes: the day

I’m not really a ‘ TV viewer ‘, but there are some Belgian TV series (in the broad sense of the word, so every regular TV program is eligible) that I know to appreciate:

  • Travel Waes.

Both entertaining and instructive. Tom Waes has a style that is not formally professive, but just in a spontaneous way ‘ discovers ‘ things that are interesting.

  • Ennemi public.
  • Walloon fiction series about a child killer who is conditionally released.

  • The ideal world.
  • Good humor; Funny look at the actuality. It is only regrettable that the programme is not broadcast or transmitted.

  • Only Elvis continues to exist.
  • Conversations with (sometimes) interesting guests.

  • California Love.
  • Stijn Van De Voorde pulls California to discover music.

  • Criminal Pleiters.
  • Conversations with some lawyers about their work and broader lives.

  • Crime doctors.
  • Same as above but with forensic physicians.

  • Around the North Sea.
  • A program in which Arnaut Houben travels around the North Sea to tell the history of the region. A bit the stagaireversion of travel Waes. Watch very little television, but was informed via our physician magazine on the seven-part Belgian mini-series Feeling for tumor: Award-winning comedy series about cancer .Thought it was reasonably realistic, enterable, very worthwhile, even though the imagined situations to convey the message here and there are some. Actress Marthe Schneider, whom I did not know, in the female leading role, I found quite convincing.

    I watch little or no television, but to The Natives (TV Mini-series 2015 –) (Bevergem) and OWN culture (TV Series 2013 –) I have watched with great pleasure.They are very recognizable situations for me now that I have been living in West Flanders for 20 years and therefore very hilarious. They have become cult series in the province where much is being cited. Also great was Callboys (TV Series 2016 –) .

    Johan and the Alverman.Just for the camera work, the acting performance, the slightly secretive… If I compare it with the youth series from now it’s sublime. And it can stand alongside many productions from now on. And for a series from 1965 it has some speed.

    Striker Brothers

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