Which animals, in addition to humans, are seemingly intelligent? How do we test animals on intelligence anyway?

‘ Intelligence ‘ is a very human understanding and also tailored to how people learn, what they have learned, how quickly they see things, etc.-think of the parts arithmetic and language in intelligence tests.This makes it almost impossible to apply our limited intelligence understanding on animals.

But the whole notion of ‘ intelligence ‘ should be on the slope.You can’t do anything with it. Well, one thing: You can define school choice: Someone with an IQ of 80 will not be able to achieve the VWO; Someone with an IQ of 120 in theory though. But otherwise you have nothing at all.

If you define intelligence in the people way, animals are not intelligent; If you define intelligence as “who climbs the fastest in a tree”, a monkey is more intelligent than a human being; If you define intelligence as ‘ who can keep the longest underwater ‘ the fish wins.If you define intelligence as ‘ who is most useful in surviving in a given environment ‘ (the only definition that you actually have a thing about), man decides not to win. About all animals do that better than we do.

In short, because of the many deficits in the notion of ‘ intelligence ‘, a comparison is highly unfair.

Many animals are also intelligent animals that you really wouldn’t want like pigs and those we eat. It depends on the degree of intelligence.

As you can see, even at Homo sapiens sapiens the spelling is often not too best so they do not test on what is often tested is self-conscious that is often tested by a marking to make a sticker or a chalk stripe and a mirror for animal t E If the animal looks at itself in the mirror and then puts the link to the sticker on his or her body by trying to touch or remove the sticker, then such an animal is self-conscious this has already been noted in among other elephants and in Orcas, dolphins, div monkeys It also seems to occur in horses to some extent not in every species but with some.

There is, of course, another form of intelligence that is very close to self-awareness and that is the intelligence of emotional intelligence and pain intelligence that is among others in pigs and well some of other animals we eat.These animals can teach things to learn to show untrained behaviour, so behaviour that they learn from each other and that also indicates high social level and high social order

And then of course there is always a thingy of the Where are you can not really say is that is now intelligent or is not that intelligent but you have to see all that escape right and that is all

In all sorts of ways: make puzzles, ask what they like most (answers: candy bars), learn evolution tests, etc.

Online you can find funny videos about how they approach and evaluate that.

The octopus seems to be one of the smarter organisms.Dolphins are also very clever. Orangutangs are not only clever, but also empathetic. The smarter birds seem to be out of the crow family, here are also magpies covered.

All the above animals have been tested by people, by letting them do puzzles; Give them an object that seems to be stuck in another object, making it logical to think how they can get the captured object (often a treat/candy) without having to break things up.

Octopi can rotate bottle caps, by means of their own observation.This way crows can extract objects with a stick from a variety of objects.

Personally, I think there were many more clever animal species besides us people if they had developed thumbs too (if they had no confrontations with our ancestors, which were quite territorial)

Dogs, pigs and cats are also smart of course, also very empathic, if we are sip they come to comfort us; They can also think of problem-solving, but not as strong as the former animals.

Personally, I think pandas can also be very clever, but not too much is known about this.

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