Which animals are amazingly clever?

The Wips navel Crow.

And then I am not talking about evolution driven instinct, but actual signs of intelligence.

Crows all over the world are already ‘ clever. ‘ So they let food fall on roads for cars to drive over, after which they easily eat the crumbs.They also make use of simple tools (such as branches or sticks) when getting food. All this has also been known for a while.

But there is a kind of crow, the Wips navel (or New Caledonian) Crow, which is just a bit smarter. First, the Wips navel edits the tool by bending twigs, thinning or removing side twigs.During investigations, they gave a Wips navel crow an iron wire. This he bent first, after which he managed to grasp his food from a tray.

There are also different groups of Wips navels that make different types of tools.

This seems to lie to their immediate habitat on the island. Some use twigs, others of leaves. Here they tear off the sides, where spines sit on, and there keeps eating behind hooks.

But this is not all.This knowledge is shared with peers, and is passed down from generation to generation. They teach each other how to obtain and edit this tool.

If for some reason we have to leave the earth for good, I hope that we bring some Wips navel crows.

I am curious what the future holds for this bird and its intellect.

There are a few animals that are surprisingly clever.So pigs are smarter than dogs. And there are birds that are also very clever like Raven and crows and Magpies.

For example, a mountain parrot is called a Kea that is so clever. That zoos can no longer keep them without keeping them busy.This curious bird is one of the smartest and most creative parrots. About 10,000 years ago, so is the theory, the bird has had to adapt to the changing climate of the Ice Age. And this has made them very clever and good at solving problems.

All animals:)

Animals are so specialised in certain tasks that we find unimportant that we do not overlook the skill of animals.

But so easy it won’t be to build a nest or catch your prey. Animals have practiced their entire lives for their behaviour, and the ability with which they lead their simple classrooms is easy to overlook. But they almost never make an error, and so easy it won’t be to live in nature.

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