Which animal does you think most about your own character?

That must be a (house) cat.

They live in the moment of now. Enjoy sleeping and sitting in the sun, or just playing, totally obsessed with that one (fake) mouse.

They are super opinionated, they do what they feel like at that moment.You cannot instruct them anything, but they do seduce you to do something.

They are very very independent (if they get food) and find themselves quite a bit.

They know the boundaries of what may be all too good but will always keep trying whether the boundaries may not have shifted

They also enjoy attention and you give them love giving them a lot of attention and love back and they are the best friends

But if you treated them badly, Owee, only then on…

I will give an answer full of mythology, symbolism and poetry.

When I was in high school, I studied Leopold Sedar Senghor’s concept of Negritude.

In his texts, animals and nature occupy a powerful symbolism that animates the notions of ‘ life ‘ and ‘ daily life ‘.

In one of his writings he talks about manatees.Manatees are also called sea cows, but by Senghor I felt an aura of peace, quiet power, mercy, and above all motherhood and fertility.

Manatees are peaceful animals, which maintain a balance in their environment.

In the poem “Elegie for Martin Luther King” Senghor mentions a being:

“Lioness-Manatee mermaid-Snake”

I think this suits me best.

  • Lioness because I am very fierce, protective for my children, strong and Huntress.
  • Manatee because I am also sweet and peaceful, full and motherly.
  • Siren Because I also know how to be tempting to reach my goal, I am also dominant and sometimes inclined to destructive passion.
  • Snake because I, like the snake, is boringfor an indefinite period.

In Ancient Egypt, snakes also symbolized eternal life because of their vervelling, which was always compared to a new life. My life is what it is, multiple, full of ends, new starting, in different places, with challenges that, you could say, have prompted me to hide, to grow a new thicker skin.

Hopefully that’s for your liking.

A wolf

  • I am very self-employed, I like to be in control and my own freedom is one of the most important things for me (and for that reason, salaried is nothing for me)
  • And although I’m not angry quickly, I can be pretty bright when I do it once.
  • Determined.. When I start to something it doesn’t matter what I encounter.

It must and will succeed me. I don’t give up quickly.

  • I’m not doing second chances.
  • Lose my trust and you won’t get it back.

  • In addition, I am proud but I also learn from others
  • I also appreciate a certain degree of solitude.
  • I do the work I prefer on my own without too many people disturbing me. A secretary bird, an eagle species that eats snakes.

    Source: wikipedia

    High on legs, everything looking remotely and yet very concentrated the details picking up.

    I think of a cat: because I am very afraid for a few things, for the rest it falls with it.

    Also, I’m sometimes best against stridgy

    But a cat is not my favorite animal.


    I’m lazy, I eat everything I see and I’m stubborn.Also I am family oriented (pig in the wild), handsome, happy and analytical

    I think a fox?I’m smart, fast and often a little shy, but very curious. And like the fox, I always find a solution to invade the hen house. I like to be solitary in my activities.

    I can only not run so hard, and wallow of beetles, 1 of the food sources of the fox.

    De Vos.

    He is seen as cunning, but is often also hunted and scared.The shooting of the beast is seen as a sport.

    As a bullied person I feel that the fox is very much linked to my also.

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