Where would you never donate money?

I don’t donate money anywhere.I have written as a journalist about the charity sector and I have become very cynical. They are companies that are run by people with career ambitions and a deep desire to ensure the continuity of their organization.

Take the Asthma fund.It turned out that there was no need for an asthma fund. There was enough knowledge and no special facilities were needed anymore. Lifting? Oh No, reposition and call yourself Lung fund. Say, become active in an adjoining market segment.

Like other managers, directors of funds strive for annual growth.They take on expensive television advertising and use the most repulsive soul-marketing. People should feel guilty if they don’t donate.

All those involved managers hop from one fund to another and are just as committed again from day one to the suffering of the new group, if they were with the old group.

And does it work?How many lives did all that money donated to KWF? How many people are now happily walking around because there is a heart foundation? How many African countries have a higher GDP, less corruption and a better quality of life due to all the money that Oxfam Novib has collected? I do know people who have a brilliant neo-colonial career in the service of an NGO.

Where money is, power and where insufficient uncontrollably money is, is uncontrolled power.I fear that the net effect of all these foundations and funds is very limited, but there are a lot of jobs involved.

By the end of the year, the postman brings a series of beggars and associated feelings of guilt.With or not with a number of greeting cards.

Arguments why I should make a transfer.Who all counts on a bite from my income?

Cancer patients.A personal, pathetic story must convince me.

Malnourished, sick children in Africa.Through a beautiful brochure, NGO’ers highlight their work on the spot.

Artists who paint with the mouth or their feet.Indeed very handsome those greeting cards. Chapeau.

Blind and visually impaired people.Gut, very much. I have eye problems myself.

The Red Cross.So brave of those volunteers who are middle of the CO 虏 vapours stickers to sell.

Father Damiaan Foundation.Mhmmm. Pens always come in handy. And I myself have seen what leprosy is doing.

My grocery store that wants to stiffen the food banks through my contribution.

Etc.Etc. Etc.

In the past I had decided to honour only one beggar letter with an acceptable amount for me.Until I found out how much the directors were propting into own pockets, until I heard about sexual misconduct of coworkers, until the humanitarian aid became politically colored. And until employees called me at home to ask why I had not overwritten for a while.

The only charity that I still support financially is the animal shelter where I have adopted a breeding female that was previously confiscated.A dog who got a basket for the first time in this shelter, a hug and even a name.

This asylum is run by volunteers, and no animal is ever euthanised.Kudos!

Ngos = not suitable for transfers.Am I now a bad man?

In principle, not to mention the fact that through taxes that are partly used for the grant of subsidies, I do not voluntarily donate anything.

But organizations at we as far as I am concerned the money tap should be completely close all churches, mosques and other religious organizations.Not only would I not give it, but I also think that all tax facilities for these organisations should be abolished.

This for the following reasons:

  • Many donations to religious organisations are under pressure.

In some sectarian organizations, people are prestressed through psychological (group) pressures to donate virtually their entire disposable income.

  • Why is the contribution to the Church not deductible for the hockey club?
  • Perhaps through the effort of the hockey and the thrill of scoring, I can reach an equally great spiritual gratification as another who prays in the church.

  • Some religious organisations (as well as some non-religious organisations) have links with international terrorism or even mantle organisations for them.
  • Spending all these good gifts.
  • Is the money spent to spread food and the gospel among hungry children in Africa, or does the money pay off for damages and silent money to the kids and their parents abused by priests? And what do clergy really deserve and where is all that church silver paid for?

  • By donations can pressure be exercised.
  • Saudi Arabia and Qatar export Salafism to Europe in this way.

  • I believe that the ideology of certain movements is reprehensible and dangerous.
  • Not just radical Salafism but also Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Norwegian Brotherhood, and any movement where the survival of the organization becomes more important that the purpose (the faith). Not that I believe objectionable, which I find reprehensible is the narrow-minded thing that comes with it. As if God is an accountant who tracks exactly how often someone prays and follows the right rituals.

  • Abuse, in particular due to the illuminated publication requirements and fiscal facilities, is easily lurking.
  • First, I never donate to a charity with a religious background.Religion will sooner or later give the given help “colors” and therefore not to everyone who needs it is equally available.

    Secondly, I will not give money to organisations with excessive overhead.Or I am not going to give money to let the administration or the daily management of a “charity” be the charity.

    I never donate money.In Every collection box I stop one euro-except if it is a religious goal. And I stop that euro because I think it is nice that people take that trouble. They are still there, people who commit themselves for nothing. Nice!

    I try to figure out how much of each Euro is really going to the charity itself.Some are so bad that only 15c of each Euro comes to charity. Often there are things like call centers, television commercials, paid employees. I personally find this crooked. Because these good goals have to bring in 鈧? million to get 鈧?50,000 for the real help to offer. If, for example, they remain with collectants (volunteers), collect buses in stores, much less effort is needed to bring in 鈧?50,000.

    I donate that money.The Red Cross gets my blood and plasma! With that, I’m sure it can’t be used to pay expensive brochures and managers.

    I bring old clothes and furniture to the charity shop.And a few times a year, I also help to volunteer at a food bank.

    But money….Never!

    Autism Speaks.An organization that does more harm than good. I can’t think of any reasons, but if you search on Google, you’ll quickly find out what this organization is doing. Big No!

    I certainly don’t donate to the “charities” nonsense.I’ve found that Novib and SNV and Coraid and ICCO and UNICEF and also the WNF I’ve donated for years, just fill their own pockets. The so-called CEO of these organizations, think they are the same as the CEO of Shell, among others. These Ngos get millions from the government and from the post lottery and from us who are also donating. And the top deserves more than a tonne per year + FREE first-class air travel to start looking like a delegation? Three days and they sit in a 5 star hotels and they will nowhere put their hands out of their sleeves, maybe hold a pathetic baby for the PHOTO.

    I have found that HIVOS in Zimbabwe has attempted to destroy a company of a good friend with lies and photos on their website and FB. I warned him and he went to the head office and started taking pictures of the reception and receptionist but that was not allowed.Eventually a hysterical Tanja Lubbers came down and started shouting who he was not and that he had to make an appointment and so on.

    HIVOS receives 鈧?27 million subsidy from the government and they are for “women and for culture and for gays and lesbians” in countries where this is not accepted. My friend has recorded the conversation with his phone and demanded that the lies of his company be removed immediately from their website and FB otherwise he will sue HIVOS in the Netherlands.How do they dare in a country where 95% of the population is unemployed. If HIVOS broke this company, 300 workers would be on the street. My boyfriend and his wife have 3 children who are now mature but the youngest is not able to continue independently so he still lives at home. Also the old mother of my friend lives there and is cared for. So the so-called HIVOS is not so humanitarian and if they were successful in their evil mission then more than 1000 people had fallen victim to this. But Tanja Lubbers has a Dutch passport and an enormously large income and operators who paid them in crappy Zimbabwe currency and she has a ticket out. It only has meetings with people who want to have money and nowhere is it mentioned that Zimbabwe is now in the biggest trouble with 19 hours of power cuts per day, so no electricity so no light. Where doctors are crying because people are dying by the policy of the government in Zimbabwe. And what does Tanja do? They want flower pickers to make more money! Meanwhile, there are no more syringes and needles in hospitals. Why does HIVOS not give this to the academic hospital? I worked in this hospital as a nurse in 1979 -1980.

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