Where to go in Belgium for a wonderful weekend getaway?

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The Molse lakes of course.Unless you are a fan of white sand there is actually no ball to see, but quite quiet. And since I live near you are always welcome. You may choose: Casserole Fries or osso buco with Zatte Petatten.

There are of course the classics: Bruges is world famous, but whether you can call it a quiet weekend I don’t know. (Many tourists)

Ghent is particularly beautiful, but why not Leuven?

Leuven as a university town is busy in the week but on weekends it is quite quiet.

Everything is about walking distance, you have the beguinage with a pear tree where I have very good memories.(For the ladies: it’s not a good idea to do heels if you want to survive the cobblestone of the Beguinage.)

The town hall is really one of the most beautiful in the world.

No Leuven is a seriously underestimated town.

To be clear the Molse lakes are OK though, especially with children.

Bruges and Ghent are very nice touristic cities in Belgium.I myself live in Bruges and will go to the sea rather to blow some out in Ostend or sea-Bruges. I am more likely to be in Brussels for cultural events.

If you have kids, no doubt: to Waver!In Wavre There’s nothing to see, it’s just a big bit out of the Lekijkdorp, BUT there’s a lot to do for young people (even I’m counting on them). There is an amusement park, Walibi, with attractions where those in Disneyland Paris do not propose anything!ROETSJ jobs that give you crazy speeds belly jitters, just like before, I also think a pirate boat that goes so high until you think: here I fall out and just in time the depth dives again. There is also a swimming pool complex that you won’t find anywhere else in Belgium. Insanely! So take swimsuits with you.

Good advice: Smuggle your lunches and drinks with them because they cost a fortune.I once recommended it to a family Englishmen. They looked at me like this: 鈧?虄Impossible that they have this in that backward country . To which I said: 鈧?虄I offer you a free lap if it bored you.
When they returned, I asked: 鈧?虄And?
鈧?虄It was the nicest of all our week in Belgium and that from the mouth of 5 skeptical Englishmen between 13 and 20.

First look at the prices and promotions before you go!

Depends what you love to do during a 鈧?艙delicious weekendje 鈧?

Do you like to go cycling in nature?Try Park Midden-Limburg.

Do you like to walk in the woods?You can choose a different place in the Ardennes every weekend.

Do you like City trips?Shopping, or rather historic buildings, or rather museums, or botanical gardens? Most larger Belgian cities have 脙 漏 脙 漏 N or more of these possibilities.

Or does 鈧?艙heerlijk 鈧?rather 鈧?艙yummy Food 鈧?Every Belgian region has Z N regional specialties, and there are lots of good and affordable restaurants, pubs, bars,…


There is a hotel in an old convent, with romantic cosy hotel rooms and a super restaurant that does a 6 course meal, accompanied by the right wine per walk.

They do a package with the first evening a bistro meal, for the next evening feast.There is also a lot to see with the old fortress. Very nice.

A location in the Ardennes I would think, for this, cities like Stavelot and Spa (province of Li猫ge) are very suitable and in Belgian Luxembourg Bouillon is worthwhile.


There are a lot of places and spots in Belgium that are worth visiting.

First question is: What is your interest?
Sports, hikes, citytrips, culinary weekends, sooner Sea or earlier Ardennes, or somewhere in between, etc…
I can’t enumerate everything, but good help are portals like out in Flanders or Sortir and Wallonie, as well as TripAdvisor.
My personal preference goes to cities such as Ghent, Bruges and Damme but there are plenty of possibilities in other places as well.

Aarpines, or else to the beach

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