On a Cisco router, you can define global startup configurations for the device. The startup config page, where you can create settings by group and then save them to the device group, is shown in Figure 5-27.

What does show run command do?

What is the result of “show run database”?It shows a summary of the database and the queries or transactions that are in progress.

How do I show Nvram?

To show Nvram, Press the F key then select Options Then to NVRAM.

How do I configure a switch?

The switch uses a common configuration for the ports it has (in this case, Port 2) and each port is assigned a unique MAC address. The switch has no idea which MAC address a port is assigned and therefore cannot see traffic going across the ports. A switch learns the MAC address through a process called “ARP table aging”.

What is Cisco CLI?

The Cisco Command Language Interface (CLI) is software that enables network operators, system administrators, and engineers to access and provision devices on a network. The Cisco CLI enables users to perform configuration tasks on Cisco equipment using only a command-line interface (CLI).

What are two types of router interfaces?

There are two types of interface, internal and external. The router is a device that connects to other devices through a network. It is a type of network device, like a switch, which is used to connect computers and devices.

What is router configuration commands?

On your router, go to the Status page. You can’t go directly to Setup or Administration/Basic Setup/Administrative Setup. From the top menu, select Status to get the basic router status information. The next window will give you a basic overview of the router hardware and its operational status.

What is the shortest abbreviation of copy running config startup config?

A1, P1.

How do I save my config?

From the main menu, tap Settings and then tap General. Tap Reset all at the bottom of the Reset Settings screen to reset all system settings to their default values.

What is login command in Cisco?

The enable privilege is the most privileged privilege, and when enabled, the user can do anything on the system including create user, reset passwords, and change system configuration.

What is the difference between running config and startup config?

On first boot – after system-initiated startup, boot into the default config, but boot to the default configuration if it’s not an update. If you are updating the system to a software update from an installed state, the default config should be an image downloaded from the update system. In this case, it is known as the update config.

Herein, what is startup config in Cisco router?

The startup configuration files are configuration files for the Cisco router which is sent from the router startup command to the router via the console command. You can also access the startup configuration from another router. These startup configuration files cannot be accessed by the router unless they are configured in the startup configuration command.

How do I save my router settings Cisco?

Open Terminal or press the Windows key + R to open the command prompt. Type “cisco config”. This will load Cisco IOS software, and the router settings are then displayed. Press enter twice to exit the IOS configuration mode.

How do I find the IP address of my Cisco switch?

Select the ‘Cisco Configuration’ menu, then ‘Interfaces’ and select ‘All IP interfaces. Click on the name of your interface to bring up its properties. Click on the IP Settings and ‘Default gateway IP’ field. Enter the Cisco IP address of the switch (10.160.x.x).

Beside above, how do I load config file on Cisco router?

You may not need to change the configuration file on the Cisco router if you want to enable the network feature on a router that already has it enabled.

What are the steps to configure a Cisco router?

In simple terms, a Cisco router configuration is the process of managing a device in Cisco network, so that a proper configuration is performed to configure the device. This is not a series of actions to achieve a single result.

What are two characteristics of RAM on a Cisco device?

Characteristics of RAM. RAM is the system area that contains a user’s personal data. RAM is volatile – meaning that once your computer shuts down, the data in your RAM is lost forever. However, on a Cisco router, you can use the “cache RAM” to create a memory copy on the hard drive of the router.

How can I see the configuration of a Cisco switch?

Verify the configuration of a switch by viewing or logging the commands. For a Cisco switch, press Ctrl+Alt+F1 to enter the text interface and log in with the user name “admin” and the password “cisco”. If the switch is running Cisco IOS Software version X.X.X you can find this information in the output of the show version command.

What is Cisco interface?

An interface is a physical connection between the device (router, switch, or other device) and the network. The type of interface determines the properties such as bandwidth, maximum speed, etc.

Where is the startup config file located?

This is the configuration file for the service. It is generally located in C:\Program Files, but it can be found in any folder in the %SystemRoot% folder, e.g. c:\Documents and Settings\nameOfUser\Start Menu\Programs. Windows\System32\drivers has been removed from the Service Control Manager. For more details on using the Service control panel’s service properties, see Start, stop, and stop a running Microsoft Windows service.