Where does the current emergence of antisemitism (especially in France) come from?

In the Netherlands, the new anti-Semitism is mainly related to Islam.Muslims always call themselves antizionist, but in practice it is simply old-fashioned Jews hate. I assume that Islam also plays a role in France, but Catholicism has traditionally anti-Semitic tendencies, so perhaps it has been smeared for decades and it is now drifting up again. WW2 has been over 80 years ago and may lose its effect as a beacon against antisemitism.

In fact, antisemitism in France has never been completely left out.

(The Dreyfus Affair, an important moment in the collective history of the French)

The Dreyfus affair drew the dividing line in France, which we still see today, between:

  • Left. Who always believed in Dreyfus’s innocence.
  • Right. The nationalistic monarchists ( 鈧?艙how Can a Jew-who is after all a Frenchman-serve in the French army? 鈧?/i>), conservatives and Christian factions ( 鈧?艙he will have done it, because he is a jood 鈧?/i>).

Depending on how the political wind stood, Jews were tolerated since then, or the heavens were praised, or persecuted, with the regime of Philippe P脙 漏 tain as a dark bottoming point.

About the writer Ir脙 虉ne Nemirovsky (who fled from Russia for communism), the acclaimed literary critic Fr脙 漏 d脙 漏 ric Lefevre in Les Nouvelles litt脙 漏 raires still wrote 鈧?艙beautiful Israelites type; In perfect and rare harmony, she is a mixture of a Slavic intellectual, and well-known face for the regulars of the Sorbonne, and a woman of the world. 鈧?While a little further in the Berlitzpaleis the 鈧?虄institute for the Investigation of the Jewish Question Stuk an exposition held, whose Minister of education parents insisted on the heart to go with their children, where one said about writers Like Ir脙 虉ne Nemirovsky 鈧?艙the Jewish writers mainly carry in their work Their social unease and sexual degeneration over.

They are by nature the wrecking of all ideals, of the old French habits, the righteous manners and habits of the countryside, respect for the homeland and the belief. 鈧?p>

And here we see the following dividing line in France, which seems to consist of two parts:

  • The city. The France of the large cities.
  • The countryside.

The France from outside the big cities, where one can sometimes not escape the impression that time has stood still.Most of the Dutch caravan owners are familiar with this umheimliche sensation, which seems to keep the modern civilization out of the Peripherique.

The formation of the Fifth Republic in 1958, admittedly, has stopped many fierce spirits back into the bottle (think of Organization de l Arm脙 漏 e Secrete and the Pujadiste movement), but never done anything to the hot bath that anti-Semitism in the French political and Could find public discourse.The advent of North Africans from former Colonies, protectorates and seas La M脙 漏 Tropole has given a new dynamism to anti-Semitism-mainly by external events in the Middle East-but it was only possible if This could arrive in the dark layer which is called traditional French anti-Semitism (think of the cooperation between Ossis and pro-Arab terrorists for the attack at the office of La Tribune Juive, in 1996).

And although Front National is no longer openly anti-semitist, it is Bon-ton for their newspapers (National Hebdo and the conservative Catholic Pr脙 漏 sent) to extract the classic scapegoat arguments from stable and terms like 鈧?艗jewish Lobby 鈧?/i> and 鈧?艗jewish manipulation of politics and Media 鈧?/i> to be inanimate.It is true, however, that openly anti-Semitic are no longer electorally accountable. After all, Front National voters identify themselves more with a proposition as 鈧?艗eastern Europeans and North Africans are the nails to the coffin for Frankrijk 鈧?/i> then with a proposition as 鈧?艙jews have significant economic and political Influence in Frankrijk 鈧?/i>.Is not to say that Marine Le Pen is therefore going to be a demonstration against anti-Semitism .

Moreover, there is an anti-capitalist and anti-globalist attitude in the extreme left, anarchist corner, in which the Jews are considered as great instigators.

Corn Enfin, the traditional French anti-Semitism with terms like:

  • 鈧?艗the Jews are hostile to traditional French customs and traditions. 鈧?/i>
  • 鈧?艙Hunnie have Christ nailed on the cross. 鈧?/i>
  • 鈧?艗they are agents for foreign powers. 鈧?/i>

Took place for:

  • 鈧?艗communism is a Jewish invention. 鈧?/i>
  • 鈧?艗communism is spread by Jews. 鈧?/i>
  • 鈧?艗cosmopanites are anti-French, cosmopolitan are mostly Jewish. 鈧?/i>

To the present day:

  • 鈧?艙George Soros, the representative of International Zionism, seeks to exert political influence in France. 鈧?/i>
  • 鈧?艗jews have the media in their hands. 鈧?/i>
  • 鈧?艗the Recompation of France, in which the virtuous French population is slowly replaced by immigrants, a plot has been stowed in Tel Aviv. 鈧?/i>

In the current France (beginning 2019) antisemitism is mainly caused by two different factors:

  1. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  2. The movement of the anti-globalists

People who deal with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are often people with a Muslim background.Many young people with such backgrounds have no chance and do not feel unjustly treated. Or as a certain Imam Izzaoui of the Grand Mosque in Limoges in an interview it has worded:[1

“No one can deny that antisemitism exists,” says Izzaoui.

“In a way, Islam is confiscated by young people who act on behalf of Islam.”

The imams realise that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict plays an ever-increasing role.”You have a group of young people who have lost their way, who thinks they are being treated unjustly, and who feel akin to the Palestinians,” Izzaoui suggests. “And there are ideologies like IS and Al-Qaeda that thrive through this issue. They join Muslims in a fight against Zionism, which turns into a fight against the Jews. “

So, in other words, anti-Semitism is being sparked by the radicalisation of certain groups of young people.

Crochet crosses on the depicted face of Auschwitz-survivor and former politician Simone Veil. [2Simone Veil was once the President of the European Parliament. [3

Furthermore, we must not forget that in France the largest group of Jews live in Europe, there are about 550,000 of them. [4 while at the same time in France many Muslims are living, who often identify with Palestinians. [5[6 ] This causes France to inadvertently become a battlefield.

In recent years, many Jewish people have come to life through extreme violence from this angle.

As for the second factor, we can count on this group of extremely left-wing groups.They are often against Zionists and globalists. People of the Yellow vests (les gilets jaunes)[7 We can also count on this group.They are also often anti-Semitic. [8 In addition, for a long time, Jews, Israel and globalisation have been mentioned in one breath. [9

Yellow vests in Vesoul, France (17 November 2018) [10

There are also, of course, traditional anti-semifood from extreme right angles.

But they play of subordinate importance nowadays. Someone like Marine Le Pen of the extreme right Front National is openly opposed to antisemitism. [11[12 ] Whether this is sincere or not is, of course, to be seen. [13

I hope I have answered this question.Thank you for asking me this question C脙 漏 line D脙 漏 camps (Quora user).


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Unfortunately, anti-Semitism is not only raging in France, although most media attention goes to France after the attack on the kosher supermarket Hyper Cacher, the cowardly murders of elderly Holocaust survivors, a deadly shooting on a Jewish School, the death torturing of a young Jood 鈧?娄 and as a result the departure of many Jews to Israel.

But also Belgium does not escape a new wave of antisemitism.Just think of the process that is now underway against Mehdi Nemmouche, who shot four people dead in the Brussels Jewish Museum.

Also in Scandinavian countries synagogues are attacked or with hook crosses Beklad.

In Pittsburgh (US) Eleven deaths fell at a clear anti-Semitic attack on a synagogue.

In Belgium, Jewish communities are worried about an influx of Palestinian refugees.In Antwerp, a recognized refugee houses and synagogues have been captive and Orthodox-looking men attacked.

This means that the left and right are polarized and the prospect of the elections is tightened up.For example, various political parties try to make candidates out of minorities for their cart. White rabbits with all the best intentions, but it reminds me of the time that every editorial who wanted to showcase her eloference had an editorial-Moluk in service, a variant of the excuse-Truus.

As a bouncer a quote from fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld.In an upsurge of anti-political correctness, he went to Angela Merkel: 鈧?虄You cannot kill millions of Jews-even though this happened decades ago-and now they have been replaced by millions of their worst enemies. (read: Syrian refugees )

Where does the current antisemitism come from?According to me from nowhere and from everywhere, from extreme right and from extreme left and especially from people who think there is such a thing as a typical Jew.

Do they know that the Satmar Jews are just the most fierce opponents of the state of Israel?Knowing that many American Jews and Israeli Jews are thoroughly disagreeing with each other, simply from self-interest? For example, many Israeli citizens are happy with Trumps relocation from the American embassy to Jerusalem. American are on the contrary mostly Democrat.

Unfortunately, a solution is not for tomorrow.

Para s in the Antwerp Jewish neighbourhood

Photo credit Yves Herman/Reuters

In France There are 4 sources of antisemitism: bourgeois, Muslim, extreme right and left.

In these groups, the Jews are increasingly associated with opulence and excessive wealth. In times of crisis, there is often a search for scapegoats. France has the greatest Jewish diversity in Europe and, above all, the largest Muslim community, including many young people who are adding to their social anger an aversion to Israel because of the Palestinians. The internet is unfortunately complicit in this hate propaganda against the Jews. Governments are doing their best but it is tremendously difficult when you have to convince millions of people… therefore, around 20 000 French Jews have left for Israel to seek a safer life there. Sad story. (Sorry for the language errors)

There are many forms of anti-Semitism.Recently there was news that a group of Jews had brought a book of fabricated data about vaccinations into circulation in the U.S. They were against it. There are many forms of Judaism. Einstein admired the Dutch Jew Spinoza. This Jew is cursed by his own fellow Jews. I know Jews who, when they look nice piece of varkenssate, will not fail to eat it. Idem for some Muslims and a good glass of beer.

Because France is mentioned in the question and France has the largest contingent Muslim as a population, the answer is quite clear.

Today’s Islam is the catalyst for the slumbering European anti-Semitism.The fact that the Israeli economy flourishes and grows is a bar n the eyes of the Muslims. Also, the fact that Israel goes through with its existence as a Jewish state makes their wild. Soit!!

However, the ever-present European anti-Semites are now crawling out of their hiding corners and going up the streets and opening their mouths because they have now not only found a sounding board in the Muslims, no a very strong public sound system!!

The moral bottoming has not yet come to Europe, and it is quite possible that the majority of European Judaism will be able to tackle their rush in the foreseeable future.Israel will receive every European Jew with open arms!

The best thing I can come up with is that since the late sixties (dissenting around itself) there is a balanced image of believing in lower and secondary schools of the beliefs of the world.And there you put some of it. Da s at least my experience.

My children are in my eyes during the history lessons too heavily taught in the Second World War, and the massacre among the Jews.

That has made a crushing impression on my girls, where we as parents have had some to do with it.

In religion lessons, Islam was more prominent than the other beliefs.Hindu, Shinto you name it, far too concise, there is nothing to linger except Islam.

Tap flush over time..

The media portray Israel as a relentous aggressor, and those poor Palestinians are now the victim, the Jews are depicted as a new kind of Nazi s.

What should you do as a young brain?The world looks mirror wrong and everything you hear and see pulls it farther from the bandage.

Jews hate has also become politically correct, if you do not hate the Jews you are not really a socialist.So this is a tendency that is not just to reverse.

Commemorations of the persecution of the Jews have become cheap party political points of departure to literally over the corpses of the modern political dredging to the abolition of national borders and cultures.

Oy vey people of Abraham, it will first be much worse before the weather gets better!

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