Where do you think we are going after death? Do you believe in heaven, or an afterlife?

You enter into Mother Earth and the universe in the form of loose atoms.They do exist and may still form very beautiful things. You are you that sentence recyclable. Nice eh? More is not there, as far as I know. But I am very satisfied.

My belief is that we are not going anywhere.That conviction is there because there is no indication that it would be different. We are soulless creatures according to me, the grey mass in my head and his billions of connections plus life experience makes me I am who I am.

We do not exist, there are suddenly a 80 years and return to nothing.0, 1, 0. And the energy or matter of our body returns to the nature from which it is shot.

That is not in itself a negative thought, because that makes you in the present lééft, given you only 1x exists without repechage, that you do not have to do your best for what comes after death, but that you should do your best to make your life as good as possible at all level Before you come to go.So life does not have a ‘ sense ‘ in my opinion, just that which you want to give.

Death itself also does not deter me, just the way maybe.Being allowed to live is not a gift of anything or anyone, rather a coincidence, but you are there and can at least try to enjoy it to the fullest.

All respect for those who think differently…

A question that I cannot possibly answer with any concretion.All that I can tell you about this is that the thought of the post-death will bring me a wonderful and peaceful feeling.

To answer this question you must first ask yourself who we are and why we are here and what our goal is. Read the answers below, I think you can view it from different perspectives.

Who are we?If we are only matter then we would have to go one time and our life which we have lived has been pointless. So you were there to eat, drink, sleep, crapping and working. Those are things you have to do to survive and are not an end in themselves. Of course, you can also have a lot of fun and memorable experiences in your life and that’s the beauty of life. You can also have very nasty experiences in your life. These are the painful things in your life. Both the beautiful and the nasty things belong to life, but have not always been choices for a long time.

If we are spirit and matter in which the spirit continues to live, it sounds much more logical.What we had all experienced in our lives was meaningful, even if you have experienced a lot of trouble. It was a test to get closer to the source. If you pass the test you will be better hit.

Why are We there?We are created by God to worship God, and God also strives for that.God is unlimited without beginning and end and his power is limitless.

What is our goal?

We are created for a purpose and everything around us has a purpose and depends on each other.Let me give an example of a man and an apple tree: If an apple tree had no necessity of existence and therefore was aimless why does the man eat from that tree and why does it grow? This apple tree exists because humans and animals depend on them so they have a purpose. It has a necessity.

So man exists for a purpose and depends on the Earth (therefore they both exist).They are inextricably linked.

Our goal is as more prophets through time have received the same message from God that we exist to worship God and perform good deeds and go back to God.So we continue to live with our souls and we come to stand one day before God to be accountable.

If there is an afterlife, then there was also a meeting here?

I don’t believe we’re going “somewhere”.But I do believe very much in the “hereafter”.

I think: This is not known, so pointless to ask.

Yes, natural light lied in syn Heaven ent dachen raises retiretions.

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Can I, and may I answer that question?To what extent will a correct and honest answer to this question raise the lives of millions of people?

I do give advice, keep yourself for what works best for you.Do you stand firmly in your shoes and get out of it every day, and is the idea that everything will stop at death a fine, perhaps fine thought? Then keep it. Do you prefer to live in the afterlife? Do so. What I love myself is that I live now, and I don’t have to bother with what to do when I die. I see this when I am dead. If I could be involved in that. One thing I know for sure, you go when you die either the ground in, or the air, partly or in its entirety.

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