Where do you most regret during your adult life?

Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that you are on your own… Burial. A little morbid Maybe, I know, but with good reason.

What do you want people to say about you?

What kind of life do you want to have led?

Think about it today , because people often die full of regret.

So don’t be one of them.

To help you, find below a list of 19 things that people most regret about their deathbed.

1.I wish I had lived more in the moment

Seeing a child growing up makes you realise how short and precious your time is here. And yet, as we age, we often live less and more in the moment.What can you do today to live more in the moment?

2.I wish I had made less pressure about what other people think

Realize that other people really only think very little (negative) about you, so you also realize how much time you lose and waste worrying about it.
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3.I wish I……. Had been told how I really felt

Even if that “one” does not exist, tell someone how you really feel, you will save from that gnawing ‘but what if…‘ -feeling that you can carry your whole life if you don’t say anything.

4.I wish I had come up more for myself

Sometimes you easily think that if you do a lot of effort to please everyone around you and have fun, people would rather see you.Being kind is certainly important, but not at the expense of your own happiness. In What situation do you want to stand up for yourself In future?

5.I wish I had followed my passion

It is so tempting to choose that stable income, that routine and a comfortable life.But at what cost?

Or do you have no idea in which direction you can develop a passion?Know that there is career guidance.

6.I wish our last conversation was not a quarrel

Life is short, and you never really know when it’s the last time you speak to someone you like.

7.I wish I had let my children grow up to the people they wanted to be

Do you project your wishes and expectations to people around you, such as your child (Eren)?Or do you encourage them to go their own way?

8.I wish I had achieved more

You don’t have to have won a Nobel prize, whether a company is out of the ground, or a marathon run, but small personal achievements are important.

9.I wish I had worked less

Financial success or career does not necessarily equate to a life full of satisfaction.How can you make more space this year to tackle it more relaxed?

10.I wish I had traveled more

You can do it at any age, with or without a child, but many people talk it out of their heads for all sorts of reasons: too little money, a installment, children, etc.

11.I wish I would have trusted my feelings more instead of listening to others

Making your own decisions and trusting them gives satisfaction and joy in your life.To enter into your feelings or intuition only develops bitterness and regret. Intuition does not mean that you are proceeding irrationally, on the contrary, it means that you know what you do best, but without knowing exactly why.

12.I wish I had better cared for myself

Until you are forty years old, your body will take care of you.Then you have to take care of your body. And prematurely getting health problems or aging quickly, you’re wondering: What if I had eaten healthier, had more moved and experienced less stress… How would I feel today? It’s not too late, even today you can start to live healthier.

13.I wish I had taken more risks

Everyone has their own idea about what is risky, but you know of yourself when you have lived too much in your comfort zone.Afterwards, many people feel that they have missed a lot of adventure in life.


I wish I had had more time

We feel that time is going faster as we age.The two months of summer holidays that we had as a child seemed endless, but now those months are passing very quickly. That is why it is important to get the most out of every moment.

15.I wish I hadn’t worried so much

If you’ve ever tracked and looked back at a diary, you’re probably wondering why you’ve ever been so hunted about that one person.

16.I wish I…………. had more appreciated

Often we take the people in our lives as (too) self-evident.But in retrospect we regret that we have not shown them any more appreciation. About who is this in your life?

17.I wish I hadn’t taken myself so seriously

Life is as much finer as you can laugh with yourself.

18.I wish I had done more for others

Doing things for others makes life so much more sense, so much more meaning.

19.I wish I had felt happier

Often people realize far too late that happiness is a state of mind that you yourself have under control.

The good news: you still have time to be sorry for it!Take action today.

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