Where do you have a lot of knowledge of what most people know little about?

At parties and drinks often shows that I have little knowledge of things that people seem to know a lot about.

In the field of football scores, GTST and expedition Robinson you can not imagine a more boring interlocutor.

The questioning look in my eyes more often than not in many of them:

  1. Surprise
  2. Despair
  3. Frustration
  4. Flight behavior

I can tell people all about Pré-Modern Korean history.

However, at parties it is never asked…

If I did see an entrance, and I am going to tell with great enthusiasm about the emergence and formation of the “three-Kingdoms period” (57 BC) , then usually repeats steps 1 through 4.

I know a lot of nice things about flora and fauna (also very much boring).That’s a nice thing to share here.

At home they’ve got me a little bit in the meantime.

I am highly gifted and have a lot of different interests where I delve into those that change over time.Some examples:

  • Sitcoms I want to write sitcoms myself and have looked a lot
  • Geography I have really gigantic knowledge of cities, countries, regions etc.

And their demographic, cultural and geophysical characteristics

  • Physical attraction Especially in the area of a man’s face, people in the dark are touching what makes it attractive or ugly.
  • I am one of the few who know of canthal tilt, maxillary projection, hunter eyes or eyebrow thickness. Believe me, attraction goes beyond jawline, weight and muscle mass-much further.

  • State Administration I know a lot about the different forms of government that a country can adopt
  • Choose Systems The average Dutchman knows no more than the term “districts system” which is not even a system but just the reality is in almost all the countries of the world.
  • I am familiar with all sorts of forms of election organizing, from First-Past-The Post to proportional representation and from STV to MNTV.

  • Ethnicity I learned a lot and thought about the different peoples on Earth and their origins and kinship.
  • Because of this I also know a lot of language families. I find this a very interesting topic.

  • Dinosaurs This started when I was 6.
  • But nowadays I’m not doing so much more.

  • Psychology I also have a slightly insightful view in many areas of psychology, this is more intuitive.
  • I had that insight before Ian looked Frasier. Astrology.I am not a pieces can astrologer, but I think it is fascinating

    Symbolic thinking

    I have a fairly broad interest, although not entirely compared to professionals in many disciplines, but usually better than people with overlapping interests.It’s more of a hobby than practical profession, but I specialize in seeing symbolic messages and analogians in fairly unusual forms.

    I once made a list of about 200 symbolic presentations.This included elements of military equipment and concepts from the Second World War, concepts from Star Wars, Lord of the Rings and numerous other films in different genres. That is now quite a matter of collecting dust and has no practical usefulness for the time being. Maybe later again.

    From the Me 109 you can already get a whole ark symbolism

    (English only, sorry)

    It’s about getting to know your boundaries.

    This hunter had good qualities, a lot of experience with the pilots but the flight range was limited.Overestimation can be disastrous. Incidentally, you can still develop and deliver top performance, but certain boundaries remain

    Other examples

    Answer from Cornelis Zandbergen on why do you change careers?

    Answer from Cornelis Zandbergen on which handreikings for a positive outlook on life are not calendar wisdom?

    Answer from Cornelis Zandbergen on what is your favorite tank and why?

    It doesn’t interest me anything anymore: it’s all or nothing.Should I gamble and hope to become rich?

    Myself.And that is the most important knowledge.

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