Where can I work as a 14 year old?

I don’t know how serious this question is. Someone who really wants to work, really wants to accomplish something, doesn’t call that question on a forum but is actively looking for.I do not believe that you have no peers who work and to whom you can ask this question. I have just googled for “working 14 years” and found the answer. Do you want to work? Then you have to do what!

Start a blog and write and write.This yields years later plus points in how you can express yourself in language. This skill is valuable for any job you will be doing later, provided you are at least looking back at how you can improve the writing style e.g. spelling, grammar, Introduction, conclusion, structure and so on.

Even if you are going to work on your 16th in a shop two years later, you can in any case tell you that you can communicate clearly in English and/or Dutch.If you later need to write an article/essay/workpiece/Report/Business plan for school MBO/HBO/WO or send a cover letter you can pick the fruits of the tree.

Finally, debate/discuss/argue is also easy, because how one thinks is also partly how ment writes.

I won’t make the answer too hard for you, I have a simple roadmap for what you can start with right now, and it works!

The best advice I can give you after more than 12 years of experience with online marketing is:

Work according to a plan in which you work step by step towards your final goal.And if you’re not familiar with this, read on below.

I will give a practical example of how simple it is to earn a good income without any knowledge or experience.

I myself call it a blueprint, but it means the same!If you follow my blueprint and are willing to invest a maximum of 2 hours of your life, it may change your life.

Step 1

Think of an idea or earning model that you want to earn money from.Think of hobbies or activities you like.

As an example I will call Affiliate marketing monetize send email, no this is not spam!And I choose this because I know it works.

Step 2

Describe step by step how you want to accomplish this just as I do here now.

Step 3

Go to this website create a new account here and follow the instructions on how to get the most returns from sending an email.

If you ever send a friend or colleague a mail and you are still willing to spend up to 2 hours (of which about 1 hour watching video instructions) of your time then you are ready to change your life drastically.

Step 4

Send your first email as explained in the instructions.

Step 5

Wait 24 hours and send another email.

Step 6

Repeat what you did in step 5 every 24 hours.

As simple as I describe it, it really is.

You have nothing to lose and just win!

Watch the video here

I hope I have brought you to a good idea, success!

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