Where are you happiest on earth, and why there?

At home, cozy under a blanket with my cat on the couch or in bed, warm and safe.

Nothing can come in, no one will bother me-my phone is on silent, no one expects me to go outside and do something.

I have my laptop and my art equipment.My favorite people, my favorite books and movies. My poems, my art, my cat. I can talk to my friends through apps on my phone, but I’m not obliged to do that.

Home is a safe place; It is warm and quiet and enjoyable for me.It is a place of relaxation and inspiration. I’m free to think and be free to be quiet. I’m free to roll up a little ball in a corner and just breathe.

It is a place where I can enjoy the silence and the peace that is so absent in the outside world.I find it fine here-I’m happy here.

In my opinion, happiness is relative.One is happy with an object, the other in a location.

I think you should find happiness, or find, from within.Once you are so far then it doesn’t matter where, when or with who or what you are.

As long as you have yourself.

For me this varies by age and life phase.

I just come back from my training and I realise that at this moment I am really happiest when I am on the ice rink.

I am the happiest because I can exercise a long-cherished passion, namely figure skating.I am working with my friends who share the same passion, which I find really great.

It’s also so much fun that you see you get farther and get better, and slowly appear to float over the ice.

Just the sound of the irons over the ice makes me happy.

Sometimes there are days when it doesn’t go as I want, everyone seems to be watching me and everyone seems better than me.After a night of sleep, I will again prove that this is not the same after a next training session. You actually learn to surpass yourself time and time again. Literally and figuratively falling and getting up again, and especially that can get up again makes me happy!

An interesting question, where many different answers are possible.Geographically speaking, you might be interested in which country has the happiest population?You can find the answer here:
Top 10 happiest countries of 2018-Zoover

Personally, I believe it is too different to approach. I know quite a few people who are looking for happiness.This often results in moving, travelling, changing jobs or training, a different partner, and so on for the few years.

Ultimately, happiness is in yourself.You don’t have to travel there, you don’t have to experience any adventures and you don’t need to look for it.

Deep inside, in each of us, sits a peaceful core.And quiet, quiet and happy core, which, if you stop chasing happiness and gather experiences, will emerge automatically .

The beauty is that you always have yourself with you.So the answer to the question is: everywhere!

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