We are proud to say that Safe Step Tubs are made in Tennessee. We believe that domestic manufacturing offers a superior level of quality control. And it allows us to offer quality and responsive service while maintaining an affordable price for our tubs and showers.

And who owns Safe Step Tubs?

Mike Duffer

Also, how are walk-in tubs made?

A walk-in tub is a bathtub with a watertight door that allows the bather to climb into the tub over a low threshold to ensure safety when boarding to raise the bath. The door closes, the tub fills with water, and after the bath is drained, the person opens the door and safely steps out.

Then how much does a walk-in tub with safe steps cost?

Prices and costs

Price of a walk-in bathtub $2,500 to $8,000
Price of a bathtub /shower combo $2,500 to $10,000
Installation costs $5,000
Estimated total cost $7,500 to $13,000

How much water does a Safe Step Tub use?

Most walk-in tubs hold between 40 and 80 gallons of water. In contrast, a standard bathtub holds an average of 25 to 45 gallons of water. When deciding which bathtub model to buy, also consider the capacity of your water heater.

Are walk-in bathtubs worth the money?

Cost. A walk-in bathtub has far more features than a regular bathtub and is therefore worth the price. If you’re looking for an easy-access bathtub, whirlpool jets, a heated backrest, a handheld showerhead and more, then a walk-in tub is worth the price?

80 Gallons

Who makes the best walk in tub?

The best walk in tub companies

Walk In Tub Company Best For
1 Safe Step Best for Arthritis and Joint Pain
2 American Standard Most relaxing
3 Independent Home Best Bariatric Tub

Does Home Depot sell walk-in tubs?

Walk-in tub installation . The walk-in tub installers at The Home Depot are some of the best in the business. We only install walk-in tubs with licensed, insured, and trained professionals. Your walk-in tub will be installed to factory standards and then backed by The Home Depot’s labor and product warranties.

Does the insurance cover walk-in tubs?

Although Medicare does not currently cover the cost of yours walk-in bathtub, there are other ways to do the shopping for you. Walk-in bathtubs are available to everyone and not just for Medicare beneficiaries or adults with special needs, so Medicare only offers Durable Medical Equipment (DME) support.

Does a walk-in bathtub devalue your home?

Walk-in tubs can cost a lot, and some companies aren’t very accommodating with their spending. For many customers, however, the price is worth it. Cost Benefits: If you live in a senior community, a walk-in tub adds value to your home.

How much does a Kohler walk-in tub cost?

$12,000 to $17,000

Does a walk-in tub use more water than a regular tub?

Walk-in tubs do not use significantly more water, with many using an average of about 50 gallons of water per filled tub. Many walk-in bathtubs also offer heating systems that circulate water to keep it warm instead of having to refill by rotating the tub.

How do I clean a Safe Step tub?

Using warm water, fill your tub to just above the highest spa jet. Mix a cup of bleach and a spoonful of dish soap into the water. Turn on your system, let it run for 15 minutes, and then drain the water. Now just fill the tub with warm water.

Are walk-in tubs tax deductible?

Walk-in tubs are tax deductible only if purchased for medical safety reasons. In this case, you may be able to claim them as medical or dental expenses. If you are the caregiver of an elderly person and are installing a walk-in bathtub, you may be able to claim the cost of the bathtub against the Dependent Care Tax Credit.

Can you use soap in a walk-in bathtub?

Every time you use your walk-in bathtub, be sure to clean the walls and floor of soap, oils, shampoo, and other residue. At least turn the water on to warm water and use the shower wand to thoroughly rinse the inside of the tub and its fixtures.

How much does it cost to step into the tub?

The Die The average cost of a walk-in bathtub is generally between $2,000 and $5,000. Models with hydrotherapy average $5,000 to $7,000, while specialty models such as bariatric or combination walk-in air and water tubs start closer to $10,000 and can cost up to $20,000 or more.

Why are walk-in tubs so expensive? ?

Cost of walk-in tubs. This can reduce the amount of construction work in your bathroom for the remodel and reduce the time it takes to make the changes. Walk-in tubs can be expensive, and Medicare does not consider them Durable Medical Equipment (DME) or cover any part of the cost.

Do baths or showers cost more?

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency EPA requires a full bathtub about 70 gallons of water, while a five-minute shower uses 10 to 25 gallons. You could argue that very few people fill the tub to the brim, but a simple calculation shows that baths definitely use more water.