When you meet someone who has become wealthy, will you automatically assume that they are smart?

Yes.That’s what everyone does. Even if you don’t want it, then.

That’s what the Halo bias (halo effect, first described by Thorndike) does.

It doesn’t matter if you are rich by yourself or by luck.

We find rich people knapper, smarter, longer and more sexy.Incidentally we find tall people too, knapper, smarter, richer and more sexy. Now that we’re at it we find handsome people, longer, richer, smarter and more sexy.

Do you feel the pattern?

No really, every inch you are taller means about 200 euros per year more income.

It is impossible to completely shut down for that distortion, even in individual cases.We have a search short circuit (heuristic) in our head, which allows us to succeed in a certain area to other areas.Richly and cleverly correlates thereby often as self fulfilling prophecy.

Do I think I should find that?No. But I do it though.

I describe average trends, taken by the bank, in general.So on all too positive statements you should not take poison, but you can large with some statistical grains of salt.

Yes of course.But I also know that there is many kinds of cleverness like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg and there is also clever people like the owner of the caf茅 in the city who can be open for years. Not everyone can do what Gates and Zuckerberg have done but it is also is not easy to manage a case like a caf茅. It’s many kinds of business so some people are really clever but they aren’t wanting to let everyone know how clever they really are. I find that type of people inspiring especially nowadays with Zo N 鈧?虄view world with Instagram, Facebook and Twitter etc. You can be as smart as you want, but you don’t have to tell the whole world about it.

No, not spouse…

Everyone can buy a state slot and hope for a great price.And those prices also fall regularly so every month there are again a few new millionaires. That is not intelligence but pure happiness. And you often see that people with little money participate in such lotteries hoping to have happiness.

But even if you deserve your wealth with hard work, it is often still a lucky factor that plays along.You have to produce something that you can sell in order to make money. And there are millions of people trying this. So you can have the voice of a nightingale and the appearance of Doutzen Kroes and yet not far because you are not chosen over the many other candidates.

So what you need is good marketing.But most people specialize in certain skills and a marketing expert is actually just a merchant who can sell nothing but depends on someone who can deliver products but can’t sell them. So you have to start collaborating with others quickly and then it depends on how much commission you get.

And even if you can make your own products as a merchant, success will be difficult because you won’t be able to search for customers all the time while you’re also bakes products.Well, a poffertjes stall on a market, maybe. Many customers then walk along so they come by themselves. But the profit it generates will not make you extremely rich. In addition, it requires a reasonable investment.

So although intelligence plays a role, it is mainly a matter of happiness.But there is a good chance that someone who has become wealthy will also be reasonably intelligent…

Ok stupid people can become wealthy themselves.

So no if I come across someone who has become wealthy myself I’m going to technician out that a person is smart. But Iook not that IE is stupid.

SLim is a very tricky concept.If a person who does not have up to 3 can count a great invention does, that person was very 鈧?艙slim 鈧?in that field but again very 鈧?艙dom 鈧?in other fields.

Something I’m smart about in advance does not mean that a person is overall smart.

No, because many stupid people are born wealthy or are just lucky enough to be part of an economic sector that have paid a lot.It is not because you deserve more money that you are therefore worth more.

Also, intelligence is not an all-deciding factor, only the ability to adapt to a changing world of life.All people do so naturally, but only people born in wealth know where they can go to stay rich. They are already known.

No, have met enough wealthy people who were not very intelligent.However, they weren’t stupid either.

No, I assume that that person must have been creative and passionate enough to be rich

Being rich has nothing to do with our perception of cleverness.Try to make a goal for you, something you really want and then you come to the place where you want to be. Good luck!

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