When you make a big mistake at work, how can you avoid feeling like a big failure?

I wouldn’t want to avoid it but I would definitely put a limit on how long I allowed that feeling.That may sound very robotic, but to me that’s THE way. Feeling you just have, what you don’t need is a stream of thoughts that will then give you a bad feeling. The negative circle.

I stay out of that circle when I give myself the room feeling with all the ugly (failed) and Moois (I’m disappointed because I’ve worked so hard for it) just to feel it.Fifteen minutes long I pop all sorts of thoughts through my head.
As hard and as loud as possible.Like fireworks. As high as possible my brain pan in-now so I imagine myself.

After that quarter I say to myself, so that was it again and I’m going to do something different.Often I don’t even need 10 minutes. By doing something else, you will then open up the roof of your head and blow the things away. It is really important that you also come from your place physically. You can’t be an angry fifteen minutes and then quietly go back to your desk. You need a hard reset after such a bang session. Go get some drinks, knot a conversation with another and see how the remnants of your thoughts are carried along by the wind:)

Let’s put it first that everyone makes mistakes.

I find an error annoying but not too heavy to charge if it is a new situation. As an organisation, you have to be able to respond to that: I must look at the work of my subordinates and correct them if they do something wrong, and my boss does the same thing to me.Most errors are corrected in a timely manner. When this is not done this is not just an employee error, but of the entire organization. And mistaken is human, also your boss makes them, guaranteed. I would recommend the following:

  • Analyze.

What exactly happened, how has it gone wrong?

  • Transparency.
  • Say it honestly, don’t wait until it comes out another way. Do it right away.

  • Don’t blame another.
  • Maybe you made an error by someone else or you failed to correct a mistake of another.Then it still remains (partly) your mistake.

  • Do NOT apologize but instead offer a solution.
  • Sorry is for Corry and pardon is for Sjon.Instead, say what happened, how it came, and come up with a solution (or try to suggest solutions).

  • Accept criticism and do anything with it.
  • You made a mistake anyway? If you get constructive criticism then that is valuable advice to prevent you from making the same mistake again. Of course, I am talking about constructive criticism, if someone does not give you the skin, you do not have to take it, that is unacceptable behaviour.

  • Don’t do it again. Mistakes to learn from.
  • Now you know what went wrong and how that has come, do it next time so do not again.

    Making mistakes I find annoying but mistakes belong to it.What I find worse is not being able or wanting to learn from your mistakes.

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