When you go on a date, do you have easy sex with the person on the first night?

Sometimes it does, sometimes not.If I am attracted to him and in the mood, why not. That’s what it’s all about, how you get used to it.

Hey Gedver!Well no really not. And it is not something of a principle, but I really do get my autism around the corner. A new someone. That is very fierce for me. At a first kiss the tears are already flowing over my face. Not necessarily negative, but the intensity with which I experience it, really huge. That might also make it a lot of fun. The men in which that happened felt very honored. In the first instance, they did, ‘ Is there something?! ‘ and then I had to laugh ‘ No, I am very happy. ‘

If it goes faster for me than my feeling can be, I’ll hook it off. I can’t do anything with anyone without me having 100% feelings.Then I just block. Men who do not connect with me as a person and make constant sexual allusions before I have reached the point where I think ‘ I like you ‘ who fall off immediately.

In that sense I am very shy, I am not, it just takes me a lot of trouble.Also very cozy you should not push me alone. I need a lot of space. Not even necessarily a lot of time but iig enough to give things a place and make choices for myself.

Sex can indeed be in the first date.I have done it several times on the same date (which was sometimes also 鈧?虄morning or 鈧?虄noon) with 脙 漏 脙 漏 N of the equal-al-sex dates I have been married again for some years now.

This depends on many factors.

I’m not a fan of “one-night-stands” but if the situation leads to itself, I’m not going to hold it down.

With some dates it took three or four times before we had sex.But with another woman it was the first weekend hit already.

And with her, I have been together for nine years now.

Yes.If we both want to why not. It will not have any influence whether or not I keep on dating

I add myself to 93% of the population who does not have one-nightstands and at the 70% who has a permanent partner and lives monogamous.If I read the Rutgers report on the sexual health of the Dutch, all that sexes on the first date is the exception rather than a rule.


I find that absolutely nothing on the first date.I do know that some people think it is necessary to find out there first, but for me it really doesn’t get fireworks on the first day I meet someone.

Infatuation must grow with me, I seek connection, desire and need that tension.So I want to be able to gauge whether someone’s ‘ personality suits me, in terms of humour and affection, but also in terms of intelligence and vision of life.

I am not a fan of the breakup of a relationship and would be consumed by guilt as personality does not fit, after we have shared the bed.

And on a first date it becomes SO鈩?N mechanical principle say.I find nothing.

Give it a few weeks.

‘, ‘ Do not assume.Also has to deal with respect to the other and then you also get respect. Can someone explain to me why the word ‘ simple ‘ is in the question.

“,” No, how do you get there?Going on date does not always mean that there is sex with it and certainly not on the 1st date.

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