When (or will it ever happen) that circumcision of children becomes illegal worldwide?

When (or will it ever happen) that circumcision of children becomes illegal worldwide?

Prohibit circumcision of children, so generally, without reflection?So it is not the ban on female genital mutilation, but a general ban on circumcision of boys.

Have you ever heard about phimosis, for example? But I almost suspect that the demand comes from zealots of different colours but in particular:

  1. from Aryan circles, because THE MUSLIMS … THE JUDEN….are circumcised.

The Aryan penis has its foreskin! We need a ban immediately!

  • from circles that see in every intervention devil’s work and are gen vaccinated and for globuli.
  • If a blanket ban were to be imposed, Americans would immediately enact a forecourt. In the United States, circumcision of boys is the most common surgical procedure. The US is the only industrialized country to conduct this practice as a routine intervention without religious justification.While the World Health Organization has found that around 30 percent of all boys and men worldwide are circumcised, the proportion in America is around 70 percent.

    In addition to the religious are also called hygienic and cosmetic.A systematic review publishedin 2019, summarising the results of 29 studies from the US, Australia and various countries in Europe and Africa, found that women had a reduced compared to a Prefer uncircumcised penis: In the vast majority of studies, women expressed a preference for the circumcised penis.

    The main reasons for this preference were appearance, hygiene, reduced risk of infection and sensation in vaginal intercourse, manual stimulation and fellatio.

    Studies suggest that the risk of HIV infection may be lower for circumcised men than for uncircumcised men during unprotected heterosexual intercourse with HIV-infected partners.Furthermore, studies have shown a lower edimon risk for circumcised men to develop genital herpes, ulcer molle and gonorrhea

    Against circumcision speak above all the slightly lower stimulibility of the penis and the pain after the operation.But here they say, the sooner it is done, the easier it is

    No, a general ban is as much nonsense as general decision-making.

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