When I was still a child, we talked about ‘ society ‘. Now everyone talks about ‘ society ‘. Who has changed that and why?

That is semantically an interesting shift.I think it has to do with individualization. Society was like a system in which you had to function. My father said things like ‘ how do they think with that long hair in society to be able to function. ‘ The company was something you had to adapt to. Society did not wish any frills.

Society, on the other hand, is a people’s club.These people are all individuals and society must be arranged so that everyone can feel happy within them.

In the end, ‘ society ‘ in the reconstruction years hears a time when everyone had to put their shoulders under it and did not have to walk whine.The regents were at the top and governed society.

Society is a word of social scientists from the years 70. The happiness of the individual man was central.I think that Provo was the breakpoint. Ultimately, their core goal was to make society a society.

I think the word society is newer than society.I can recall that the profession of social education was introduced at the higher schools. (Mammoet wet).

In the years 70, education was seen as a method of giving orders an equal chance to get higher on the social ladder.

There is clearly a difference between the two.

  • Society is the model of technical distribution of possibilities.

Healthcare, entrepreneurship, politics, etc

  • Society consists of groups of people, with the same preferences of thought and works, which together form a whole,
  • And so we live together, through our unique contribution to society.

    Voilè„¿, you have a society.:)

    There is a small and subtle difference.So they are actually not always used 100% correctly.


    • The community of people with accent on the organization.

    A society becomes a society when tasks and responsibilities of the upper hand are controlled and regulated in institutions such as education, justice, etc.So when you speak about institutions, you can talk about a society.

    Institutions are, moreover, generally accepted behavioural patterns as a solution to a particular fundamental societal problem.


    • The community of people with accent on individuals.

    A society rather focuses on an individual and is born with the aim of fulfilling and taking on certain roles.You are a neighbor, a mother, a friend, someone who speaks the same language. When you speak about the individuals, or put the accent on it, you can talk about a society.

    I hope you have understood it, I did my best!:)

    I don’t see that difference.I believe that both terms are still used. Depends mainly on the context.

    The Society, however, refers much more to the materieal, while the sameleving is much more about the immaterial.

    Language means what significance we give it.Society is for me an old-fashioned synonym for society. That word starts to sound nice, but I do not know a successor yet.

    The people themselves because Maarschappij can also be a company * and what is meant by society knows almost everyone who has Dutch as the first or second language

    • Example.

    KLM Royal Aviation Society Hi Erik,

    Understand what you mean only think that the society in contrast to years back was also more based in the form of a partnership.In the past, there was also a society and we also lived with each other as now, only see personally around me that this is now also more alive compared to years back. In the first instance what you see in the media is a fictitious secession by the nasty things that happen around us but then, you now see a humanity (society) that is also looking up and seeking transparency in areas in Social optics. You now see a thriving generation that wants the truth and more dares to come up for their personal opinion. The social media also takes care of connecting with each other and despite we occasionally want to do something about it, we also share a lot of personal information and fun snapshots with each other that we are not obliged to share but still do, purely to connect Search. And in this sense, there is now more talk of a society and no more society, this is more economic and political in my opinion and also does not fit in this century.

    Language is dynamic,

    Words come, words go.

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