When I was small, we learned that reading ‘ Mein Kampf ‘ was very dangerous to do. Will it still be seen today? Why?

It has recently been reissued and therefore no longer banned.I’m reading it and am now on page 720. Still only 135 to go so. The republication is “scientific publication” baptized, because he is provided with introductions and the footnotes of Willem Melching, historian.

I agree with the statement that it is a dangerous book. Of course we are familiar with the horrible consequences of Hitler’s thought and therefore somewhat immune to antisemitism and the conspiracy thinking that drips from the pages.This argument was also always cited by the opponents of the prohibition. That every good-thinking man can read it without harmful consequences. After all, We know all too well where it has led.

But of course the book is about much more than just those two subjects.Hitler gives his opinion on education and educating, about the principle of ‘ struggle ‘, about everything actually. And he does so in such a penetrating way (Willem Melching, but also others, have reported that they felt hypnotized by the text) that unknowingly nesting countless creepy images in your head. He stacks allegation on assertion, opinion on view and ultimately comes out at the predictable “and therefore the Jews are everywhere the blame”. At the moment you read that, you wake up and think, “but that doesn’t happen to me!”.

But before you get to that point, you’ve already been beaten with dozens of propositions that you better not have in your system.

Another reason why it is a dangerous book: it is a pretty clear handbook for the populist.I will give you a summary in ten steps, then you have to judge how great the similarity is with the build-up of the argument of the average modern populist (spoiler: only the last word of the last step differs).

Step 1.

Dear people, do you also see how terrible it goes wrong?There is money enough, but still a large proportion of people are living below the poverty line. We are one of the richest and most beautiful countries in the world, but no one is happy. Pensions are going down, social collateral is being broken down, inflation is murdened. And you are there and look forward to it. Powerless.

Step 2.

You do not have to feel guilty, you are the victim, it is done to you!The perpetrators play their game so refined that you never see or recognize them. You suspect that you may be working for them or voted for them, but you never get back. If you knew they were it, you wouldn’t support them.

Step 3.

I understand that you are confused; The people whose victim you are are smart, well organized and have been doing this for centuries.Moreover, you don’t have the time or the opportunities to look for the perpetrators for years to go. So it is understandable that you feel instinctively that something is terribly wrong somewhere and that you feel that you are being manipulated and used, but that you do not know by whom, with which or why.

Step 4.

You think the current government is behind it, but it is much worse than that.It could only go wrong in this country because there is a group that influences governments in the background. This government, the previous government and if we are not careful also our next government. And also the administrations of authorities are affected, as are the lower governments and officials. So you are right, our government is incapable and takes decisions that you are the victim of, but remember, they too are victims.
A difference is, of course, that they have become victims as a result of their influence, caused by their stupidity, incompetence and power of consciousness.On the other hand, you are a victim, because you have had the misfortune not to be born with a golden spoon in your mouth. That is very unfair, because, looking at your abilities and honest intentions, you have much more right to power and influence than they do. But they make sure that you are not going to get that influence, because they know donders well that your first action would be to deprive them of power.

Step 5.

Should you just take pleasure in this?No! Of course not. You have to do something about it!
What then, you ask?Well, be aware that the only universal principle that we find everywhere in nature, so also in our own inner, is struggle. Fight on life and death, struggle for the survival of the species. Cooperation also exists, but only within the own species, to be able to win the battle against the other species. We must go along with it, we cannot do anything else. Because the struggle has already begun and we are on the losing hand. That makes sense, because it is a sneaky, sneaky struggle. The battle is conducted by the other party, while you have not watched it.
It is too late to use peace-loving means.Of course, we would prefer to do that in principle, but as the saying goes: You don t bring a knife to a gunfight.
So the only struggle that still rests us is the struggle of nature, the struggle of the jungle.The struggle for life and death.

Step 6.

If you wonder which two parties are opposed to each other: you, the people, stand on one side.Or rather: We, the people, stand on the one hand. Because, just in case you haven’t watched it yet, I’m one of you. So far I am the only one who sees the game, but I am certainly a member of you. I’m a whistleblower, but please be so wise to make sure I’m not a crying in the desert. Together we form one group, we are the people.
Those mysterious enemy, those are the ones that possess banks, broadcasters, publishing houses.It is those who determine what information we see and what Leespace is left for us. They are the people who have nothing to do to obtain all that power and influence, who have inherited them or gotten them, but now they fight for what they are worthy to keep. Did you know that ninety-nine percent of the world’s capital is in the possession of one percent of humanity? That one percent I mean.

Step 7.

That enemy has no noble purpose.Their only goal is to retain the money and the power they now possess. That is a selfish goal, a depraved goal. Their goal is not to make the world better, their goal is not to make you get better. No, their sole purpose is to defend and strengthen their power.

Step 8.

Does this mean it’s too late?No, it doesn’t mean it. It’s not too late. If we now join forces, we can still turn the tide. There is still hope. We must choose a strong leader, organise our troops and ensure that we take measures as quickly as possible.

Step 9.

It is understandable that you have not found out how it fits together, because who now has time to sit in the public gallery of the second chamber for years, to see what is happening there?I mean, who now sees that the enemy is not living hundreds of kilometers away, but in the middle of us? Who now comes to the idea that the enemy is not a country, but a group that moves freely across all national boundaries? That it is a well organized power stronghold pretending to be a religion, in order to get the protection that religions, also fake religions, get everywhere. And who knows where to be, which doors to open, where to infiltrate? That costs incredibly much time and effort and it makes sense that you don’t have that time. That same group is forcing you to work so hard that you don’t get anywhere else.
I have taken this effort.I have unmasked them. So I know how it works, I know how to tackle and fight them. I have a plan.

Step 10.

I know who it is.It is the Jews.

These ten steps are the essence of populism, not just for centuries now.People soon feel unpowerful and threatened, and populists are playing in it. Many people tend to have that feeling of impotence by letting it strike in paranoia, making them believe that there is a secret power present in the background quite easily. The reasoning above is easy and in the last sentence you give someone the blame. The Jews, the Elite, the Muslims. Or if you live in an Islamic State: the Westerners or the Christians.

It may not be a positive message, but (as you read in the ten steps above) he has many advantages:

-You don’t have to feel guilty about things going wrong

-You don’t feel stupid because of the fact that you don’t understand anything

-Your feeling of impotence is legitimised

-You not only stand

-And there is someone who helps you solve everything

And perhaps the biggest advantage of all:

-These ten steps provide a far-explaining solution; For the human mind, few things are more pleasant than solving a very complex and threatening problem by means of a simple solution.

And that’s why popusts find an audience so easily.

Should you find the reading of the above summary in ten steps frightening, do not start with Mein Kampf.And if you think a few times when reading the ten steps: “There is a little in it”, please do not start a with Mein Kampf, because then you are still sensitive to it too.

I have read the first part.Then it became very boring. I did not consider the book dangerous, at least not for people with common sense (where I am counting myself). What is very striking is that the book is infused with an ardent irrational German nationalism. This is so exaggerated that it happened to me as ridiculous.

What is very interesting is how he builds up his propaganda around antisemitism.He begins with the fact that he did not understand why people have something against Jews. From there, there is always a tooth. However, he couldn’t convince me (of course).

The book can be instructive if you want to teach people how propaganda works and what an evil can come from patriotism.

I haven’t read that book and am not going to read it.One can call Adolf Hitler objectionably an intellectual. And for what has come of his ideas-that doesn’t have to be an argument. I do think that you should not protect people too much. Not even against Hitler. If you want to read something from that gentleman, well, do it. But can I also propose a counterweight? Also read something from Hannah Arendt. E.g. “Eichmann in Jerusalem”. You can read how very ordinary people with very ordinary motives (costing what costs come forward in life) are able to do the most horrible things. Or Philp Zimbardo “the Lucifer Effect” (How very normal people can just be fed by a group (which consists of very ordinary people) who quickly develops a collective pathology).

The book was always banned in the Netherlands.In Many other countries you could buy it.

I think they wanted to ban it because at all times we wanted to prevent people from feeling a bit of sympathy for Hitler.Hitler was and is the ultimate bad guy. On fabricated bad guys like Darth Vader after then.

I think one wanted to prevent people from reading Hitler’s thoughts, hearing his words in their heads, and making him a man.He had to be an inhumane tyrant and remain, no man like you and me. Yet all people are capable of terrible deeds.

Hitler, of course, has been a horrible figure, but it is not a devil or demon.He was ultimately a terrible man, but a man. A man who probably loved his shepherd dog and his girlfriend. A man who, despite cocaine use, did not drink alcohol, was a fierce anti-smoking and a vegetarian. Apparently he was also a Disney fan, his favourite film seems to have been Snow White. Hitler is responsible for the deaths of many people, and even though men like Stalin and Mao have killed many more people. Yet these dictators are in the shadow of Hitler in many people.

Because it is thought that Hitler’s ideas could be spread in this way.

I’ve read it and am really not more positive about the Nazi ideology going to think.There was nothing new about that, but was a combination of all sorts of (delusional) ideas that existed long and wide.

The fact that more and more people show interest in this book shows that the fascist thought is becoming popular again.Then break up dangerous times.

Indeed.To my knowledge The book is still verboten, so I never read it.

In view of the effect it has had, I never ask for it, let’s say so.

Found the translation in English on the Internet.No, pretty stupid. Thus also the protocols of the Sages of Zion. Anti-Semitic hassle. No, I’d rather read a Donald Duck or a Tom Poes story.

I’ve read book secretly, at school was a big taboo.But I like a book, chop on the branch. Mean it’s a book that wouldn’t get the attention today. But when I look at how when Germany was before. It was I think piece of hope. And people looked around nasty things. Like some faithful people whether you are Christian, Jew or Islamic. One looks over an inconvenience, because sometimes you find a love in the rest of the book.

Why one sees as a danger is because it is believed that this book laid groundwork for WW2.But if you look closely, Hitler and his friends really don’t have that booklet packed with it. It was a knack.

Myself I would not find a problem to fetch as a book from The Blacklist, which is also even less attractive to read.

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