When did you first meet a sociopath?

That was at the BOS-Schwandorf.I think he’s a sociopath anyway.

He was my bank neighbour, had no idea why he called me my best friend.Something about me attracts such people to me. Anyway, at some point he asked me, “What do you think about paedophiles?” My answer was: “I think you should lock them up and treat them there. If they are treatable, they can get out again, if not they should be locked away until they die by themselves, so that they can’t do any harm.” His answer was: “NO!! They should be killed or at least neutered! Because anyone who touches a child under the age of 14 belongs away.” I am not presenting the rest of the dialogue now. I just let it stand. A week later, however, he asked me if I could help him. His girlfriend will soon have a birthday, and he doesn’t know what to give her. I asked, “How old is she?” And he said, “She turns 14. I’ve been with her for 2 years.’ Then I said, “I don’t know. I’m sorry. I don’t know about such young friends.” I almost wanted to say a Barbie doll? The joke is yes, his ex-girlfriend was in the same class. She told me that she stopped because he was having an affair with this girl. She came home from work one day and called him to him. His answer was, “I’m in the bedroom.” When she came in he was still having sex with this girl and greeted her! When I spoke to him about it on another occasion, he confirmed this incident, but still doesn’t understand why she stopped.

On another occasion, he told me that his parents died early.They drove at 140 km/h into the Pfaffensteiner Tunnel. There you can only drive 80 km/h. An accident happened and they died in the process. That is why he does not believe in a God. Anyway, at some point we went to Regensburg and he races with 120 things into this tunnel. And then he says, “Nobody knows better than me that you can only drive 80 here.” I pointed out to him that he was driving at 120 km/h, but he denied it. After the tunnel comes a 120 km/h zone, and it accelerated to 150 km/h!! During an overtaking manoeuvre, he scolded: “He drives at least 130! You should take your driver’s license away from him!” I didn’t say any more.

Which he also likes to do to go to NPD counter-emos.If Nazis do anything, he is against it. always. But he told me with pride that he had put the Turks, Russians and Poles on his side on this counter-emo. But he had a banner with a crossed-out swastika with him. He is not a Nazi. But he hates foreigners. Every time we passed foreigners, he insulted them in the most vicious way. Interestingly, he scolded Nazis before and after.

To reassure me, I didn’t get the A-levels, but he did. He graduated from high school and studied teaching.So that he can pass on his thoughts to the children. But the good thing is that he often makes you sick. Working is not his. He was hardly at school either. How he managed the Abitur is questionable, but he was not stupid. Just sow and lazy. If he has actually completed his studies, he will not be able to harm the children as he is never there.

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