When can populism be toxic to a democracy?

All the time.

Because populism does not mention the facts, but rather the negative sentiments of people.People are motivated by their most negative emotions.

And it makes me little out of whether it is left (SP) or right (PVV/FVD) populism… There is always to be done against something rather than attempts to build something.

You cannot build by throwing stones.You have to stack them.

You should not see populism as something negative, but as a reaction to ignoring important wishes of the people.It is similar to fever in a sick body. The fever is not the problem, but the underlying disease.

People are furious about uncontrolled immigration, but the government does not do anything about it.People are angry about power being given away to the EU and the ECB, but the government is getting its shoulder on it, the people are irritated by policies in which the companies are constantly being kept up and the citizens are increasingly seeing the burden of burdens increasing. People are shocked at the degradation of the public sector, but the government is pretending to do something very sensible.

Populism is a message to the established parties that they must tackle these issues.If they continue to ignore them, populism will increase and it can take an undemocratic form.

Populism is almost always toxic to a democracy.Why? Because it is almost always, without exception, anti-Democrats who make use of populism to come to power and as soon as they are, they are the first to abolish the reason by which they have come to power. Populism is the handsome little sister of fascism, autocratism and Nazi, do not forget that. Don’t you believe me? Examples are Idi Amin, Adolf Hitler, Ion Ceausescu, Bokasa and more of those kind of sociable people who were all extremely popular in the beginning and made heavy use of populism without exception. Fascism, Nazism and autocratism, not always, but very often originate from an initial popuorder. You can in principle Trump from now and compare the situation he created with the initial situation of the Nazis. And then I was broadly speaking about the period 1928 -1933.

Only exception I have seen during my life is Bernie Sanders in the US. That is also a populist because he says what people want to hear, but other than with all the other populists I have the strong idea that he will also have those things (health care, social safety net, more tax for the richest and less money to empty Enzo) actually perform.

Populism is primarily a consequence (and not the cause) of the malfunctioning of a democracy.The breeding ground arises as elected politicians take all sorts of decisions that many people disagree with or do not understand well. As a result, people feel powerless and not heard. A part of these voters will now vote on Popusts, who tell them what they want to hear.

An example are the climate plans.For many years, purchasing power in the Netherlands has barely risen or even decreased. The politicians responsible for this are now coming up with climate plans that will cost people a lot of money. Then someone is on (Baudet) who says the climate plans are nonsense. Is It weird that many people vote for it?

The consequence is political instability, because with the populist people’s representatives is actually not to cooperate (V.B. cabinet Rutte I). Thus, coalitions must be made consisting of many parties, which often have very different viewpoints.Is this toxic? Maybe, but the popusts are not the poison. These are the elected politicians who take decisions that are at odds with the interests of their constituents.

Interesting in this respect is Wallonia.In contrast to our PvdA, the Walloon Socialist Party has always remained a real workers ‘ party. The elite (New left) and the neo-liberalism (Cook) remained outside the door and the interest of the worker remained the main program point. Although there are, of course, more factors, it is striking that there is hardly any populist movement in Wallonia, while in the Netherlands almost every worker is voting on Wilders!

Populists ignore many democratic institutions.They pretend that the people are one entity with one will. They ignore the fact that the population is thinking very differently about very many things. Even in referendums, the rash is often about 50/50 and rarely it is more than 60% voting Yes or No. Now populists will often say that those who disagree with them do not really belong to the people or that they are deceived.

Democracy is more than half + 1 of the voices.Democracy is, above all, listening to the minority and guaranteeing the rights of every individual, even against the majority.

“Toleranz wird zum Verbrechen, wenn Sie dem Bsen gilt.”
Thomas Mann

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