When are you the most yourself?

The metamorphote change takes place early in the morning.

I usually don’t mind

But the cute guy I’m changing then gradually turns into:

Office Tiger

Office Tiger makes working weeks of almost 60 hours,

is resistant to inhuman pressure,

Takes its deadlines,

and satisfies its customers at all costs.

In the evening when the moon begins to show itself,

Loses office tiger his suit,

A smile will appear on his face,

He is pounced at home by his children,

He crawls in the evening on the couch against his wife,

And he writes light Quora answers again.


Sebastian is again the most himself.

The question does suggest as if I have the ability not to be myself.I wonder who or what I am.

I adapt.That is what every man does. Church corridor requires different behavior than sauna visit. But in both cases I am myself. The fact that you have a ” ̃adaptation Repertoire”™ does not mean that you are subsiding yourself.

In a kink scene.Normally T is life as if I have a thick winter coat, and then I can let it go n totally myself

Tricky, but that’s a stress-free environment yet enough challenge to not bore me.That means seeking positive incentives and avoiding the negative. As a highly sensitive person I am quite sensitive to input from the environment and others. On the other hand is too quiet so again disastrous for my overactive brain. Furthermore, I am poorly under pressure and I am not a fan of rules and discipline. It is not so black and white, sometimes some structure is pleasant. I do need a lot of personal space and time for myself, even though I can really appreciate the company in romance.

A good conversation is welcome, as long as people inspire me and they don’t get tired of my words flow and creative thought jumps to hot and her.I like to do things my way but still remain (too) sensitive to opinions of others. Therefore, there are few people I like to embrace, because for me it is all-or-nothing. If people find me too much because of my intrinsic behaviour and character, I am quickly gone. Being on the brake is also very energy-loving, having to walk on my toes because people feel otherwise uncomfortable. I can be very inspiring company, but not everyone can resist my energy level.

Same energy level, although I’m not so nice again when he


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‘, ‘ If I am alone.Little occurs, because at least my wife is almost always with me.

“,” When I’m doing something to tinker, like a complicated part cutting on my lathe.

If I am completely in trance or ecstasy,

And completely forgot who I am,

Come and emerge my authentic self.

If I’m in the garden work, repair something or something handsome.

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