What’s the most useful thing you’ve ever learned?

Mathematics.Well, not so much mathematics, but the tendency to define things very precisely. When one gets a question or a problem, I have encountered that giving as precise a definition as possible of the problem already bears the half solution. Also in the everyday life.

“Work smarter, not harder.” Learned from an episode of Duck Tales.

Good mentality if you write software.

Most of the things I learned from my father and mother.But if I have to choose one, it will be saving and the overall value of money. If I wanted to have some extra pocket money as a teenager, my dad always said: Is good, after you have mowed the grass (or something else). I have learned that money has value. Also, I have learned from them that you should never buy something for which you have no money-so do not buy credit, because if you do that the item you bought on credit is not yours, but of the one who has advanced you. I have not been greedy by nature, but what I usually see happen is that many people do, want to buy something they cannot afford to buy ergo on credit. Often the new thing has been going on for a long time, or has already landed on the garbage dump, and they are still paying for it. And that’s stupid mi. Many people do not see the phrase of paying back at any given moment because they see nothing concrete for them and then also pay off. Causing them to end up in a very different kind of problems. Often, a loan is then closed at the bank to pay off all previous loans, but so you fill one hole with the other. It’s better to save for what you want if you can’t afford it, first of all because it’s immediately yours, secondly because you don’t get to deal with unnecessarily high costs that a credit entails.

So, in conclusion: the most useful thing I have ever learned is from my father: save for the things you want to have, realise that money has value and never buy things without you having the money for it.And I’m not talking about houses and mortgages of course.

Edit: I’ve even seen people here in Ireland close loans to be able to go on holiday.And that is even more stupid in my opinion than for costly material matters to enter a loan. The holiday lasts two weeks to a month and they are there for five years or more for paying-Halleluyah, what a great plan, because they pay yummy veul more than they would have paid when they were spared.

It is also true that although many people here do not have a penny to makken all year round, but that Christmas should be completely out of the roof with Cadeaux and so. So, however ridiculous that may be, it is indeed for people to conclude a loan for Christmas shopping.And then with that money an unimaginable amount of hysterically expensive knick knacks for Jan and Alleman in the family is bought. They are then paying back the rest of the year and often they are not even ready for it and there is another new Christmas for the door-loan supplemented with a new loan and so they are cheerfully happy with Christmas spirit and already an infinite ravine in it and complain Later that they can’t afford anything. Gosh.

Being assertive and good preparation is half the work.

Do what you can not let but nobody to bother…

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