What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve done drunk?

Oof.That answer will be tough, but I will answer honestly. I apologize in advance to all my Japanese friends and followers.

The following is a true story, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

I flew back to Japan after being released from Japanese prison almost exactly a year earlier.My friends all said I was crazy, and to be honest, I was scared. I didn’t want to go back to prison, but I’m a “nothing stands in my way” girl.

I landed in Narita around 4 p.m., where my father wanted to meet me.He had been on a business trip to Japan and stayed a few more days to spend time with me.

As I walked through customs, I was flagged for additional security checks.I was expecting it, so I followed the customs officer into the “waiting room”. During this time I tried to sit quietly with my mobile phone. It was difficult, but I did.

After about half an hour of waiting, I was finally taken back to the customs station and went to my own special officer, who showed me pictures of various drugs and asked if I had brought any of them.

That was a clear “NO” from me.How stupid did they think of me?

Then I was taken to a small room for additional security checks with about 4 customs officers.They searched my suitcase, examined it and then knocked me off. I was expecting a body visit, so it wasn’t that bad.

After a few more minutes I got the “Everything clear” and was sent on the way.I eventually left customs to meet my father as a freelance holidaymaker. Then we boarded a train that went to Yokohama.

When we arrived, my father asked if I wanted to go for a drink with him and his business partner John.I said “YES”! I needed a drink after going through customs.

It was about 6 p.m. when we met with him.John had the opportunity to find even the darkest water holes. He led us a little away from the hotel to a small bar that played really angry-sounding death metal. Not just any angry death metal, but angry death metal in German. John had found a bar in Yokohama that served only beer and played angry German death metal. And he doesn’t speak Japanese.

I was impressed!We all sat and drank two beers each, then we decided to try to find something to eat.

Across the street was a place that was very noticeable.”We should go there!” I said. No objections from the men.

I went to the establishment, where I was greeted with horror.They didn’t want to let me in because I was an American. (This sometimes happens in Japan – it can be too difficult to communicate with Gaijin).

I just came up with the idea of asking San’ninbeya?(Place for three?)

She was alive when she heard that.In her head – OK, cool, she can speak some Japanese! Let them in! Later I learned that John and Dad were never admitted to this bar, and they had tried at least 10 times.

I was led to a standing table.There were no places in this place. John and Dad stayed behind, so I turned around and saw that they were talking to a group near the front.

Apparently, the frontline staff had stopped John and Dad to ask if I was a movie star.

Later they told me that the conversation was so similar:

Group: She’s a movie star!

Dad: Yes.

Group: Wow!

What was she involved in?

Dad: Oh, do you remember the movie with Jessica?

Group: What was the name?

Dad: Jessica’s…. Travel

Group: Wow!Can we take photos with her?

Dad: Please no pictures.

John and Dad were my bodyguards now.Ha!

By the time they arrived at the table, I had already ordered drinks for everyone.Sake, highballs, whiskey for John (his favorite) and even more sake for me, as I had already drunk the first order myself.

I had forgotten to order food.Oops.

Sometime around the first sake order and Dad asked me to order him some cold sake in Japanese, my memory becomes a little blurred.

Error: try to keep up with John and Dad.

They both informed me the next day that I was quite rude on the way back to the hotel.i? You’re certainly making jokes.

They said they had to take me back to the hotel.I don’t remember it!

Not only that – I had screamed all sorts of things on the way back.

In half English/half Japanese I had screamed the equivalent:

“Shit on the police!Don’t tell me to be quiet! Why aren’t you quiet! SHIT ON THE POLICE!”

It’s even worse because they had to pass me by the police station to get back to the hotel.(Hoppla)

I woke up the next morning in all my clothes, with very severe headaches.

yes.This is Krysta at her best.

Luckily, we had a lot of fun visiting the shrines and temples in Kyoto.Japan is beautiful!

That’s Dad, super happy that he figured out how to take selfies!

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